SBDM Management Policy 4

Last Updated: 9/28/2020 6:33 PM

Determination of Funds Allotted by the Board of Education for School Level Personnel

a. School Staff (defined)    

School Staff, for the purpose of determining the number of personnel by job classification, shall mean all certified and classified employees assigned to South Oldham High School over whom the principal has supervisory responsibilities and who are working in school–level operated programs and/or services.

b. Staffing Plan    

Annually the principal will recommend to the school council a plan for staffing the school. Responsibilities include:
1.    Assessing the staffing needs of the school
2.    Confirming the budgeting parameters for staffing at the school
3.    Developing a rationale for staffing
4.    Developing an annual staffing plan
c. Reporting    The principal shall recommend to the school council a staffing plan as required by OCBE.  The council shall approve a staffing plan and report it to the superintendent by the superintendent’s designated date.  

Adopted:  October 18, 1994
Revised: October 11, 1999; November 11, 2002; February 10, 2009; January 31, 2012