SBDM Management Policy 2

Last Updated: 9/28/2020 6:15 PM

Assistance to Principal in Selection of School Personnel  

a. Vacancy    

1.    A position that did not previously exist but which can now be funded
2.    A  position  previously  held  by  an  employee  who  has  retired  or resigned; or
3.    A position held by an employee who has indicated in writing that he/she will retire or resign at the conclusion of the current school year

b. Notification    

The school council shall be consulted by the principal on all certified and classified vacancies that occur at the school. When a vacancy has been posted, the principal shall include “consultation with the school council for the (position title) vacancy” on the agenda of an upcoming regular or special meeting of the council.

c. Timeline    

1.    Once a vacancy is determined, the principal, along with teachers and/or SBDM Council Members shall serve as an ad hoc interview committee. The ad hoc interview committee shall meet to develop a set of criteria for a strong candidate and a list of interview questions to be asked of each applicant.
2.    The committee shall reconvene and review applications and supporting materials for each qualified applicant. Once the vacancy has completed the 30-day required certified posting or the 14-day classified posting, the committee shall reconvene and make a final selection of candidates to interview that exhibit the characteristics in the developed criteria.
3.    All selected candidates will be interviewed by the ad hoc committee and the principal will follow up with reference checks.
4.    The school council shall consider the ad hoc committee and principal recommendations and provide its thoughts on the candidates to the principal on who to select to fill the vacancy. This consultation will occur in closed session.
5.    The timeline may be amended in order to fill a vacancy during times where continuation of instructional services may be affected and a waiver of the 30-day posting may be requested from KDE.

d. Selection    

The principal shall make a selection of a qualified applicant to fill the vacancy and shall report this selection to the superintendent who will complete the hiring process. At the next regular or special-called meeting, the principal will inform the school council as to the candidate selected and the selection will become part of the minutes.

e. Quorum    

If a quorum of the members of the school council is not available for the purpose of conducting consultation in the filling of a vacancy during a special-called meeting for the purpose of consultation, then the principal shall conduct consultation with the council members who can attend.

Adopted: October 18, 1994    Signature:

Revised: June 8, 1998; October 11, 1999; November 11, 2002; October 10, 2011; March 20, 2017