SBDM Management Policy 1

Last Updated: 9/28/2020 6:07 PM

Selection of a Principal When There is a Vacancy

a. Criteria    

Once the vacancy has been verified by the superintendent, the council shall develop a set of criteria for selection of a principal and communicate in writing to the superintendent the criteria to be used in the screening process.  The council shall get input from teachers, staff, and parents in the development of criteria by the most convenient method(s).  The selection criteria shall be kept confidential.

b. Plan    

The council shall develop a written plan for selecting a principal and shall disseminate the plan to teachers and leaders of the parent organization.  
The plan shall include:
-    The screening process to be used by the council
-    A timeline for the total selection process

c. Selection    

The Council will interview candidates submitted from the Superintendent.  The Superintendent, or his designee, will serve as the chairperson of the Council.  The selection will be a majority vote (not a consensus) and the vote will take place in open session.  The Superintendent or his designee shall have voting rights during the selection process.  No principal who has been previously removed from a position in the district for cause may be considered for appointment as principal.  

d. Council  Responsibilities    

In addition to developing a plan for selecting a new principal, the council is responsible for:
(1) Reviewing written information on each candidate
(i.e., resume, application, and written responses to 
questions  relating to the principalship)
(2) Selecting candidates to be interviewed
(3) Developing questions to be used during the interview
(4) Developing a rating system
(5) Interviewing candidates
(6) Rating each candidate interviewed
(7) Selecting the candidate to serve as principal
(8)  Selecting a trainer to provide the council with training in recruitment and interviewing techniques prior to carrying out the process of selecting a principal.  

e. Confidentiality  

 Information about the merits and discussion of each candidate shall not be shared outside of the council.  The executive session provisions of the open meeting law shall be used as appropriate to maintain confidentiality.

f. Reporting    

The council shall report its choice of principal to the superintendent in writing.

Adopted: October 18, 1994   Signature:

Revised: November 11, 2002; October 10, 2011