SBDM Operational Policy 5

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 6:20 PM

Committee System

a. Committees    

Ad hoc committees shall be formed by the council chairperson with approval by the council to complete specific tasks.  Once the task is completed, the committee shall be abolished.

b. Resources    

Professional, technical, and financial resources needed by committees to perform their tasks must be approved by the principal/principal’s designee within the means available to the council.

c. Term    

Ad hoc committees shall serve until they are abolished, not to exceed one year.  All committee members may serve an unlimited number of consecutive one-year terms.

d. Decision Making    

All committees shall use consensus as the method of making decisions.

e. Quorum    

A majority of the members of the committee must be present for the committee to make a decision.

f. Minutes    

Minutes of each committee meeting shall be recorded in writing, approved by the committee, and placed in a minute book.  The minute book shall be stored in the administrative office of the school and made available to the public upon request.

Adopted: October 18, 1994

Revised: Oct. 11, 1999; May 20, 2003