SBDM Operational Policy 4

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 6:20 PM

Policy Development and Review

a. Council Governance    

All activities and decisions of the council shall be governed by policies set by the council.  All policies set by the council shall be either operational procedures, management functions, or programmatic policies and shall be consistent with state statutes and board policies.

b. Categories of Policies (Defined)

1) Operational Procedures - Policies that guide the election of council members and the operations of the council.
2) Management Functions - Policies that describe how the council sets and monitors policies governing each mandatory and permissive function. 
3) Programmatic - Policies adopted by the council that address specific programs and provides specific plans (i.e., budget, comprehensive school improvement plan, professional development plan, and extracurriculars).

c. Adoption    

All policies shall require two readings before they are adopted.  No policy shall be adopted by the council at the meeting in which the policy is introduced.  All operational procedures and management function policies listed in this handbook shall be provided for review by the superintendent or his designee before the council adopts them.

d. Policy Review    

The council shall annually review all operational procedures and functional policies and make any revisions and additions that will improve the operations and productivity of the council and the effectiveness of the school.

Adopted: October 18, 1994
Revised: Sept. 13, 1999; March 27, 2003