SBDM Operational Policy 1

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 6:13 PM

Authority of the Council and the Principal

a. Authority of the Principal  

The principal shall serve as the school's primary administrator and instructional leader and shall have authority over management functions delegated to the principal by the school council.  The principal shall be responsible for implementing policies set by the council and shall be responsible to the superintendent or his/her designee.  The principal/designee shall be responsible for supervising the work of committees appointed by the council and has the authority to form committees in areas of management functions delegated by the council.   

b. Authority of the Council 

The council, pursuant to state law, is a policy making body. Reference KRS 160.345.  

The council shall have the authority to set and monitor school policies that shall provide an environment to enhance student achievement and help the school meet performance standards established by the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990.   

Outside of a legally called council meeting, no council member other than the principal has decision making or administrative authority.  The council shall have the authority to form the number and types of committees needed to carry out the policies set by the council. 

Adopted: October 18, 1994