Theiss, Karen (Literacy Coach)

Karen Theiss




PHONE: 502-228-0158 ext.155

Honors English IV Syllabus




Mrs. Theiss holds a BA in English, an MA in secondary education, an endorsement for Gifted Education and National Board Certification in High School Language Arts. She has 25 years of teaching experience at the high school and college levels. She currently serves NOHS as our literacy coach. As our literacy coach Mrs. Theiss collaborates with all teachers to infuse best teaching practices of reading, writing, and thinking. Mrs. Theiss works collegially with teachers across the state as well as within our district in professional development to coach teachers on researched-based strategies to promote teacher and student reflective academic practice. Mrs. Theiss also mentors teachers new to the profession and those aspiring to become Nationally Board Certified.  

"It is humbling to work in a school with such talented educators and a joy to work with such genuine people. Practice doesn’t make perfect, however, perfect practice comes close. I believe learning is a journey, not a destination."

- Karen Theiss