Sharp, Michael

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Michael Sharp





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Mike Sharp joined the North Oldham Social Studies Department in 2009. Prior to teaching at NOHS, he spent several years as an Insurance Broker. Mike is a graduate of Campbellsville University (BS '94), Southern Seminary (MDiv '98), and has plans to complete work on a Doctorate in Educational Leadership as well. He currently coaches the Debate Team which meets each Monday and Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm. He especially enjoys time with his son Timothy. He additionally enjoys running, golfing, biking and travel. Mike’s teaching philosophy is to spark a passion for life-long learning in students that embraces "Education to be life itself."

"I studied abroad in Great Britain and served as a British History teaching assistant at the Notre Dame School in London, England. I studied at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville before graduating from Campbellsville University with a B.S. in History and Mathematics. I performed graduate study through Indiana University, Butler University and the University of Cincinnati, where I am currently completing a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership. My postgraduate work in Leadership Development is also in progress through the University of Southern California.

"I have completed AP World History certification through Butler University in 2011 and I am eager to begin this new level of instruction with every aim toward student success!

My son, Timothy, and I enjoy reading, travel, baseball, basketball, golfing, biking, bowling, skiing and wii. I also coach the Debate Team, co-sponsor the National Honor Society and sponsor the Ski Club."

AP World History

What is history? It is a body of facts that have been accepted by historians as valid and significant. History is seeing the past through the eyes of today. The main task of the historian is not to record facts, but to interpret and evaluate them. History is the selection, arrangement, and interpretation of facts for the purpose of telling “how it really was.” The story of the human experience from 8000 BCE to the present is the scope of this daunting but tremendously rewarding journey.

Students will be equipped and expected to employ a variety of investigative research and interpretive skills. This course requires a significant amount of independent daily preparation for student success. The volume and level of work is challenging but rewarding, and students will develop skills that will prepare them to succeed beyond the secondary school experience.