9004 - Selection and Implementation of Discipline and Classroom Management




Selection and Implementation of Discipline and 

Classroom Management Techniques                                                 


a.  Purpose The purpose of a discipline plan is to foster a positive school climate where teachers can provide instruction and students have an opportunity to learn.  Every student has the right to a safe and orderly classroom where learning can take place.  Teachers have the right to expect students to follow school rules and procedures that are in place to ensure a safe and orderly working environment.  The NOHS community realizes that young adults need a firm but supportive environment that is based upon mutual respect and responsibility.
b.  Guidelines North Oldham High School shall follow the OCBE’s Code of Acceptable Behavior (9068) when addressing student discipline.
c.  Self Expectations Teachers shall manage discipline in their respective classrooms.  It is also an expectation that teachers will monitor hallways, school grounds, and other common areas in order to assist in maintaining a safe and orderly school.  An established procedure shall be used for referring students to the administration if the behavior is beyond that which is expected in a positive student-teacher relationship.  Administrators are to act on office referrals in a timely manner.  Teachers and parents are to be notified of all disciplinary consequences.  Any disciplinary action that results in suspension shall be relayed to 
parents on the day of the suspension. Guidance counselors play an integral part in facilitating positive student morale. While serving as student advocates, they shall assist administrators with disciplinary matters as needed.  Teachers and administrators are to act in a manner consistent with OCBE policy 1050, 1055, 5092, and 5093- Principal/Administrator Rights and Responsibilities; Teacher Rights and Responsibilities.
d.  Student Expectations Students are to receive a copy of the Code of Acceptable Behavior.  They are to read the code and familiarize themselves with OCBE expectations and section 9029 – Student Rights and Responsibilities.  Students and parents are also expected to read the student handbook and return the signed form which states they have received a copy of school rules and procedures.  No student shall be allowed to participate in field trips, extra/co-curricular activities or special school events unless the acknowledgement form has been returned to the office.
e.  Parent Expectations     Parents are the primary teachers of students.  Parent attitudes, expectations, and behaviors about school play a crucial role in promoting positive learning experiences for their children.  Parents can demonstrate evidence of support for a safe and orderly school environment by following the parent/guardian/custodian guidelines found in the Student/Parent handbook.  (9061- Parent/Guardian/Custodial Rights and Responsibilities)
f.  Appeals Each year students are assigned to guidance counselors and administrators who work  together on discipline matters.  Parents have the right to appeal a disciplinary decision to the administrator of record.  If a parent does not receive a satisfactory resolution at the administrator level, an appeal can be made to the Principal.
g.  Monitoring The SBDM council shall receive reports as requested on school discipline.

Adopted February 22, 2006
Revised June 12, 2007