7002 - Challenge of Final Grade


Challenge of Final Grade

SBDM Council Policy 7002

The SBDM Council shall serve as the Final Grade Appeal Committee to assist in facilitating resolution when a final grade is in question or dispute. If a student or parent believes a final grade is unfair, unjust, or incorrectly calculated, the student and parent may appeal the final grade issued via the following process:

The student must go to the guidance office to receive a Final Grade Appeal Form and complete the following steps:

  1. The student and parent(s) must contact the teacher who assigned the final grade to make sure it is understood how the grade was earned/calculated. If this conversation resolves the question or dispute, the process ends here. If the teacher agrees that there was an error in the grade, the teacher will file a grade change request with the guidance office. If the issue is not resolved and the student or parent still questions/disputes the final grade, the teacher will initial the form and the student may proceed to step 2. [Note: Step 1 must be completed before proceeding to any further steps]
  2. The student and parent must then speak with the principal or principal’s designee to review the final grade for compliance with the specific course syllabus and the district grade policy. If the review concludes that an error was made in determining the grade, then a grade change request will be submitted to the guidance office. If the review determines that the grade is unjust, but it cannot be determined what the correct grade should be or if the review upholds the original grade issued and the student or parent still disputes the grade, the principal or principal’s designee will initial the form and the student will proceed to step 3.
  3. The student must collect information/evidence of why the assigned grade is believed to be incorrect. The student must submit all information requested with the Final Grade Appeal Form (copy of academic work, homework, exams, projects, labs, etc.) and write a letter to the SBDM Council explaining the reason(s) for the appeal. This request for FINAL REVIEW must be submitted to the principal within two weeks of the posting of the final grade.



  • The student must complete the process.  Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) may participate in the appeal process, but the student must initiate and participate in the process since it involves the student’s grade.
  • The Final Grade Appeal Form must be filed within two weeks following the student receiving the disputed final grade.
  • Student, parent, and/or teacher may have the opportunity to be present at the SBDM appeal hearing or their presence may be requested by the SBDM Council.
  • Teachers must respond to the SBDM Council’s request for grade data, attendance records, and course syllabus. Teachers may submit any additional information necessary to help review the grade. Failure to submit the requested information may result in a grade being overturned.
  • Grades that may result in summer school will be expedited at the discretion of the principal.  Senior grade appeals that involve graduation will be expedited at the discretion of the principal as well.
  • The SBDM Council is made up of teachers and parents from various backgrounds. When a teacher or parent on the council has a conflict of interest with the student making the appeal, they are to be recused from the process. The SBDM Council will make a recommendation to the principal regarding the final grade change request which the principal can elect to follow or disregard. The final decision belongs to the principal as chief academic official for North Oldham High School.