7001 - Challenge of an Individual Assessment Grade Form


Name of Student:  __________________________________________           Grade:  9      10      11      12

Name of Course:  ___________________________________________          Teacher:   ______________

Name of Assignment:  _______________________________________          Date Posted:  ___________

Students/Parents have 10 school days from the date the grade is posted to Infinite Campus to issue a challenge (See Challenging of Grades Policy).  The challenge must be date stamped by the NOHS Front Office, signed by the student and parent, and submitted to the school principal within the 10 school days window.

___________________________________________________________________            _______________________________
                                         Signature of NOHS Front Office Staff                                                   Date the Challenge was received



Grade Received:  ___________%      Grade Requested via the Grade Challenge Form:    ______________%

Justification for Grade Challenge (Please provide all supporting evidence):

Teacher Communication Regarding Grade Challenge:  

         E-Mail Conference               Phone Conference              Face to Face Conference w/ Student Present

Additional Information for Principal to Consider during review:



__________________________________________        _____________            ___________________________________________      _______________    
                    Parent/Guardian Signature                                   Date                                                       Student Signature                                           Date