7001 - Challenge of an Individual Assessment Grade





a. Description It is the goal of North Oldham High School that all grades reflect a student’s progress towards and/or mastery of content.  Therefore, the following policy is in place to provide students/parents the opportunity to challenge an individual grade they believe does not reflect the accuracy of the student’s understanding.  Students/Parents need not challenge a simple numerical mistake (student scored a 32 and the teacher input a 23 into the grade book), as that correction can be made easily once evidenced by the student.  This policy is primarily to dispute an individual formative or summative assessment score based on the academic merit of the individual grade itself.
b. Statute of Limitations Students/Parents have ten (10) school days from the date the grade is posted to Infinite Campus to issue a challenge (See Challenging of Grades Form).  The challenge must be date-stamped by the NOHS front office, signed by the student and parent, and submitted to the school principal within the ten (10) school days window.  Grades that are entered within the last two weeks of school may be challenged up to one week after the last day for students.
c. Required Communication Each of the following informative efforts must be exhausted prior to a principal’s review of a grade challenge:
  1. Direct communication (via e-mail, phone, or face-to-face meeting) between the student/parent and the teacher regarding the justification for the grade earned.  Parent and/or teacher may request a face-to-face meeting.  If a meeting is requested, the student whose grade is being challenged must attend the meeting.
  2. Student/ Parent response identifying why they believe the grade is an inaccurate reflection of the student’s progress towards and/or mastery of content based on the expectations laid out by the teacher for said assignment.
  3. Filing a Challenging of Grade Form to the NOHS Front Office within the ten (10) school day statute of limitations.
d. Principal’s Review If no initial resolution can been attained, the student/parent may request an official Principal review of the grade via the Challenging of Grade Form.  The Principal review will require all parties involved to present their evidence to the Principal in a joint meeting.  After hearing all relevant arguments, the Principal will make a ruling within three (3) days regarding the validity of the grade given, and whether or not to accept the challenge and make a change.  

1st Reading, May 15, 2012
Adopted June 19, 2012    
Revised June 13, 2017