6005 - Adoption of the Emergency Plan







a.  Definitions  Emergency Management Response Plan (“Emergency Plan”):  a written document to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies; 
First Responders: local fire, police, and emergency medical personnel.
b.  Adoption The Council shall develop and adopt an Emergency Management Response Plan that includes procedures to be followed in case of fire, severe weather, or earthquake, or if a building lockdown as defined in KRS 158.164 is required.
The Emergency Plan will establish primary and secondary evacuation routes for all rooms located within the school.  Evacuation routes will be posted in each room by any doorway used for evacuation.
The Emergency Plan will identify severe weather safe zones to be reviewed by the local fire marshal or fire chief.  The location of safe zones will be posted in each room of the school.
As a part of the Emergency Plan, or as a separate document, the Council will develop practices to control the access to each school building. The access plan should address practices related to:
  1. Controlling outside access to exterior doors during the school day;
  2. Controlling the front entrance of the school electronically or with a greeter;
  3. Controlling access to individual classrooms. 
  4. Requiring all visitors to report to the front office, provide valid identification, and state the purpose of the visit; and obtaining a visitor's badge to be visibly displayed on a visitor's outer garment.
Following adoption, the Emergency Plan, along with a diagram of the facility, will be provided to appropriate first responders.
c.  Annual Review The Emergency Plan shall be reviewed following the end of each school year by the school council, the principal, and first responders, and shall be revised as needed. 
d.  Notification The principal shall discuss the Emergency Plan (and access plan) with all school staff prior to the first instructional day of each school year and shall document the time and date of any discussion.
e.  Confidentiality The Emergency Plan, access plan (if a separate document), and diagram of the facility shall be excluded from the application of the Kentucky Open Records Act (KRS 61.870 to 61.884).

Adopted October 15, 2013