4008 - Dual Credit Courses






a. Vision North Oldham High School offers dual credit courses to complement the Advanced Placement and regular courses offered in the building.  These courses are at an elevated rigor, pace, and depth to meet the needs of high school students who demand more of their classroom experience.  Successful navigation of these courses requires students to demonstrate content mastery evidenced through intentional reading, deepening analytical thought and growing synthesis skills fostered through the college-level curriculum.
b. Application Students must complete the application process that details course requirements, pre-requisites and procedures for admission.
c. Weighted Grade Oldham County Board of Education policy pertaining to dual credit courses states that students enrolled in these courses will receive a weighted GPA on their high school transcript.
d. College Grade The grade (A, B, C, D, F) that appears on a student’s college transcript will be based on the university’s policy.
Dual credit classes taken at NOHS – Students must earn a grade of at least 70% in order to receive a passing score and earn credit on their NOHS transcript.  A letter grade of “D” will appear as “F” on the NOHS transcript.  
Dual credit classes taken on college campuses – Students who earn a “D” in the class will receive a “D” on their NOHS transcript.  
e. Fees / Books The payment of any relevant course fees as well as the purchase of course textbooks are the sole responsibility of the students.
f. Dropping the Course When a student drops or is removed from the course by the sponsoring university, he/she will continue the same course at the high school – assuming the same curriculum and expectations as the other students – but without the weighted grade designation on their high school transcript.
g. College credit College credit is usually granted by the admitting institution for passing grades in that course.  This credit is transferable to most colleges.  It is recommended that you check the website of the college where you plan to attend to determine how this credit will be transferred.
h. Course offerings Any dual credit course which would directly compete with an AP course cannot be offered to the students, unless specific permission is granted by the SBDM committee after face-to-face consultation with the department at issue.  

Adopted March 7, 2018