4007 - Performance-based Credit Appeals Form

North Oldham High School 
SBDM Council Policy 4007 – Performance-Based Credit 

Performance-Based Credit Appeals Form

Performance-based credit is any credit earned other than through the traditional classroom setting with a regular or special education teacher. These credits include, but are not limited to, online coursework (Edgenuity, etc.), courses offered by the Oldham County School District apart from the regular school day, zero-hour classes, dual credit courses and other enrichment opportunities. 

The decision as to whether to grant performance-based credit lies with the principal. If the principal’s decision is not in the favor of the student, he or she can appeal the principal’s decision to the SBDM Council where the final decision will rest. The parent or student must submit the “Performance-Based Credit Appeals Form” to the principal no later than 72 hours prior to the SBDM Council meeting in which it will be presented in order for it to be included in the agenda. 

Student’s Name: ___________________________________________

Grade: _____________
Course Request: _______________________________________________________________ 

Explain Your Reason for Wanting to Take This Course: 





Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _______________ 

Parent Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _______________ 

SBDM Council Decision

Date of Council Meeting: ______________________________

APPROVED                          NOT APPROVED

Principal’s Signature: _____________________________________________