1002 - Operating Council Meetings






a. Types

Council members shall attend three (3) types of meetings:

  1.  Council – meetings held on a set day of the month and a set time of the day in a set location.
  2.  Special - meetings scheduled, as they are needed between regular scheduled meetings,
  3.  Training - meetings designed for council members to acquire knowledge and/or develop skills.
b. Schedule  The North Oldham High School School-Based Council shall establish a schedule of meetings for the coming year at a regularly scheduled meeting in August. 
c. Special Meetings Special meetings may be called by the principal at his/her discretion or upon the request of a majority of Council members.  Time, place and purpose shall be announced at the time the meeting is called and at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  The purpose of the special-called meeting shall not be altered.  
d. Length of meetings The length of all meetings shall be limited to two (2) hours except when the Council determines additional time is needed.  The Council shall have the authority to decide to extend the meeting and to set a new ending time.
e. Agenda Each regular and special Council meeting shall operate by an agenda.  The agenda shall be formed by the chairperson with items provided by Council members.  Teachers and parents who are not on the Council may recommend items for the agenda by contacting a Council member at least five working days prior to a Council meeting.  A person recommending an item must be present at the meeting for it to be discussed.  The agenda shall be approved by the Council at the beginning of the meeting.  Other items may be added to the agenda with approval from the Council.  The agenda for council meetings shall be written and disseminated to Council members and shall be posted publicly at least three days (72 hours) prior to the meeting.  Teachers and executive officers of the PTSA shall be informed of special meetings by the most convenient method.
f. Chairperson     The principal shall serve as chairperson. at all meetings.  The principal shall name a vice-chair at the beginning of each school year. In the event of the principal’s absence, when critical decisions must be made by Council in order for the business of school to continue, the vice-chair can call a meeting and serve in the principal’s absence.  The Council shall not meet in the absence of the principal.  The responsibilities of the principal as chairperson shall not be delegated to any other member of the Council or any other person.
g. Decision The method of making decisions and adopting policies shall be by consensus.  An effort shall be made to thoroughly discuss all possible alternatives, provide each member ample opportunity to be heard, and make a final decision that can be supported by the group.  If a Council member feels a conflict of interest in a proposed action of the Council, that member may remove himself or herself from the discussion and the decision-making process. 
 In the event consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be taken.  Actions will be passed by majority vote of those in attendance.   For the policy to be approved, the majority must consist of at least one parent and one teacher from the Council and the chairman of the Council.  
h. Quorum For regular Council meetings, four (4) members, including at least one parent and one teacher from the Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  
i. Minutes Minutes of all regular and special Council meetings shall be recorded in writing and kept on file in the principal’s office.  A copy of all minutes shall be provided for the district superintendent.  Minutes of the previous meeting shall be reviewed, approved and signed by the Chairperson and recording secretary at the beginning of each meeting.
j. Open Meetings The meetings of the Council at which any public business is discussed or at which any action is taken by the Council are declared to be public meetings, open to the public at all times, except for items specifically permitted by law to be discussed in closed session, including but not limited to discussion of proposed or pending litigation against or on behalf of the Council, to allow the principal to confer with the Council on recommendations for employment, or to allow the Council to deliberate on the selection of a principal.  All decisions made by the Council shall be made in open session. The Council shall abide by the state’s open meetings law (KRS 61.810)
k. Recording Secretary

The recording secretary will be appointed at the August meeting of the Council.  This person shall be responsible for:

  1.  Recording in writing all minutes of meetings,
  2.  Processing minutes,
  3.  Processing and disseminating meeting agendas, and
  4.  Disseminating summary reports.
l. Summary A summary of the actions taken by the Council Reports shall be reported to the superintendent and shall be posted to the school website in a timely manner.
m. Input from             

Those in attendance at the Council meetings shall be provided an opportunity to discuss issues under consideration by the following procedures:

1. A sign-in sheet will be provided by topic for interested parties to indicate their interest in speaking on an issue.

2. As each topic is discussed, the chairperson will call on speakers in the order they signed the sign-in sheet.  Each speaker will have a time limit pre-determined by the Council.  Input will be allowed before the Council makes a decision.  All speakers will speak from an area designated by the chairperson. Any group appearing before the Council shall select a spokesperson that shall address the Council.


3. All who address the Council and observe the Council meetings shall not be permitted to disrupt the meeting by: 

    a. Speaking out of turn.

    b. Being disrespectful to the Council and others.

    c. Making derogatory statements about anyone.

    d. No discussion of individual school employees or their performance. 

4. Input/Reactions must be germane to the topic and must be within the authority of the Council.

5. After persons have spoken from the sign- in sheet, the chairperson will permit others to speak on the item under discussion provided their remarks are germane to the topic and time permits.

6. The chairperson shall explain the procedures and rules for addressing the Council at an appropriate time during the meeting.

7. The Council reserves the right to limit or terminate discussion on any subject introduced by an individual or group. 

8. If requested, responses to questions from speakers will be addressed by the appropriate school personnel within seven (7) days.

Adopted- September 20, 2005

Revised- June 12, 2007

Revised- August 17, 2010
Revised- August 16, 2011