Lubker, Lori

Lori Lubker





PHONE: 502-228-0158 ext.604

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Mrs. Lubker has been at North since its opening in 2003. Mrs. Lubker teaches A.P. Environmental Science, Forensics and Biology.  She completed her MAE at Western Ky Univ and her Bachelor of Science at Campbellsville University. She currently sponsors FCA and the Environmental Club.  

"I love teaching at North, I have nothing to complain about. This school has the best dynamics. Students who have great personalities, personal drive for success, creative minds ready for challenges and supportive parents. The teachers I am surrounded with are encouraging, helpful and have a real passion for education. The administrative staff are supportive for both the teachers and the students. I couldn't ask for a better situation than teaching at North."  --Mrs. Lubker