High School of Business Academy

Last Updated: 3/2/2021 10:48 AM

The High School of Business brings an accelerated series of six courses, challenging students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, and economic projects and problems. Each course is built around industry-validated curriculum standards that offer the opportunity to take students to the next level in learning. Each student will learn to think critically, to work in teams, and to use their academic knowledge and skills to solve complex business problems. Students can attain the skills to succeed in college business administration programs and 21st Century careers. 



High School of Business Academy Courses


Leadership with Math

Wealth Management with Math

Principles of Business with Math

Business Economics with Math

Information Systems in Organizations with or without Dual Credit

Business Communications with or without Dual Credit

Coming in 2022/2023

Management and Organizational Behavior with or without Dual Credit

Business Accounting with or without Dual Credit

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