We Are Buckner

Last Updated: 2/22/2019 8:46 PM

Watching students receive a diploma is an event which most people witness only a handful of times. The sense of pride, accomplishment, and success students and parents feel transcends to teachers, support staff, volunteers, and administrators who’ve had a hand in working with students along their educational journey.

Since 1996, Buckner Alternative has been awarding diplomas to students who found a way to overcome life’s adversities and complete the necessary requirements to graduate. A diploma from BAHS is valued as much as others earned in Oldham County, and often more. Every student at BAHS has a story to tell. Every student has faced the challenge of looking adversity in the eye and finding success. Most students who graduate from Buckner Alternative have elected to stay because of life’s unmanageabilities – circumstances most people never experience. Still others use BAHS for a period of time to stabilize their educational status, then return to their home school settings and earn diplomas from North, South and Oldham County High Schools. However, every student who attends BAHS at some time takes a little purple with them when they leave.

Unless you are personally involved with our students, most of the kids’ accomplishments and triumphs go unnoticed. Buckner students go on to college, enter the work force, and serve in the military. They become valued citizens of Oldham County – and the United States.