About BAHS

Last Updated: 9/24/2020 8:46 AM

Buckner Alternative High School was established on August 28, 1995.  From its humble beginnings, BAHS has embraced a different approach from most alternative schools.  A student focused philosophy based on relationships and mutual respect has produced over 400 graduates in twenty years.  The success of Buckner Alternative is a combination of community and district level support, selective staffing, and a culture of, “No Excuses, Find a Way!”

BAHS is several schools within a school, serving some of Oldham County’s most challenging and needy students.  On average the school serves between 90 and 125 students every day, including full and part time kids.

BAHS continues to stretch itself to fit the constantly changing needs of our community.  Our district student population has more than doubled in the last decade.  The diversity and density of our local towns and neighborhoods seem to realign overnight.  In 24 years, Buckner Alternative has never looked the same in consecutive years.  We strive to do what’s best for kids, in a safe, nurturing environment making no excuses and always finding a way.