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                                                           Welcome Back Dragons!


Please click the link for the first ever Athletic Newsletter from Mr. Rairick!   

Spring 2021 SOMS Athletics Newsletter



Please click the following link for A/B schedule:



Please click the following link for information from Coach Browning regarding SOMS Track:

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If you have a son or daughter who intends to try-out for a SOMS soccer team, please fill out this form.


Soccer Team Tryouts Make-up Dates


Monday, February 22 (in the gym)

Girls 6th Grade: 4-5:15PM

Boys 7th Grade: 5:30-7PM


Thursday, February 25 (in the gym)

Girls 7th and 8th Grade: 4-5:15PM

Boys 6th and 8th Grade: 5:30-7PM


Athletes coming to school for the tryout, please use the entryway at Door #6, on the south side of the building, along the side of the gym facing the high school. Athletes arriving to school this way will have their temperature taken in addition to answering health screening questions.


Attention SOMS community,

We need a coach! Spring is around the corner, and we are hopeful to safely usher in spring sports programs within the next month or so. However, we are currently without a boy's head soccer coach. Simply put, if we cannot secure a coach, our boys will be unable to field a team and compete this year. Maybe you know someone? Maybe it's you! Currently, the position is posted on the Oldham County Schools job's site. If you would like more information about this position before applying, please contact the SOMS AD, Christopher Rairick or Assistant AD, Tami Day. You can reach them at school (502) 241-0320 or by email. Let's be sure we can field a team by helping us find a coach! Thanks!

Christopher Rairick:

Tami Day:


Attention SOMS community and families,

Though this year has been a turbulent one, we are thankful to have had the opportunity to afford our student-athletes the opportunity for some safe and modified competition. As we move through the winter season, I'm looking ahead to our spring sports. Historically, we've had a very competitive soccer program here on our South Campus. We've always been blessed with a very supportive soccer community, wonderfully talented student-athletes, and some fantastic coaches. As it stands, we have two vacancies. Our boys and girls head soccer coach positions are open and posted on the district website. If you are interested or if you know someone who might be, please feel free to apply online, or contact the SOMS AD or Assistant AD (Christopher Rairick or Tami Day, respectively). You can reach us at the school office during office hours, or we can be reached by email at: and

We look forward to the upcoming spring sports season and you're support! Have a Happy Holiday Season!


Christopher J. Rairick, Ed.S

Associate Principal / Athletic Director

South Oldham Middle School

*However, all Oldham County HS wrestling programs intend to have a season and any MS athlete who was a rostered wrestler for their respective HS last year will be grandfathered and eligible to roster for their HS wrestling team again this year.  No new MS wrestlers will be eligible.


Athletic Programs: Purchases and Donations

Parents, volunteers, and coaches:

In an effort to be transparent and clear about the process of purchasing or donating equipment, foods, awards, or any other sport related item (i.e., banners, trophies, etc.), I want to clarify the processes and procedures required by individuals with respect to these purchases.

If the intent of the purchase is for a personal reimbursement (where a coach or parent buys an item/s and then expects reimbursement by SOMS), the only way SOMS can provide a reimbursement to you personally is that you first have a signed and approved Purchase Order (PO) for the item/s that you buy.  POs are available from Tami Day, our school bookkeeper.  Without an approved PO, we will not be able to legally provide you a reimbursement.

If the purchase is requiring funds to be withdrawn from a team or athletic account, then the same procedure as outlined above must be followed.  The coach needs to submit a PO, which must be approved before the order can be made and payment be rendered to the business.

If the purchase is a donation, you do not need to follow the above procedure.  Rather, you can simply purchase the item and give it to the respective team/club along with notifying Tami Day in order for her to provide you with a Donation Acknowledgement Form (if it amounts to greater than $250) and/or a letter of acknowledgement (for your taxes) and our appreciation.

Our hope is that this will clarify processes and diminish any frustration or confusion regarding regulations for which SOMS is required to comply.  Undoubtedly, the partnership we experience from our faithful and supportive coaches, parents and volunteers is superior here at SOMS.  Your commitment to the welfare and success of our students, athletes, programs and staff is unquestionably fantastic.  We look forward to your continued support, and please let me know if you should have any questions.


Christopher J. Rairick, Ed.S

Associate Principal / Athletic Director

South Oldham Middle School


******************************************************************************************************                         Save your Coke caps, flaps and wraps!!!! SOMS PTO is now participating in the Coke Gives Rewards program. You can log in and enter your codes OR collect those caps, flaps, and wraps and send them in!!!! Collect at work - collect at home - collect at parties!!!! Every code counts!!!!