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2020 SOMS Wrestling Team

SOMS students interested in wrestling, please send an email to Coach Justin ( expressing interest with the following information:

  1. Student-athlete name
  2. Student grade
  3. Preferred contact # and email address

Also, please ensure your athlete has an up-to-date sports physical.  The physical forms may be obtained here:

These may be turned in to the front office of SOMS, attention: Asst. AD Tami Day.

Other required forms will be sent and collected later. 



If you are interested in trying out for our SOMS Girls Basketball Team, the last day to sign up is this Friday, Oct. 2.  You MUST: 

  • Email Cindy Harris at:  
    • Include athletes name, grade, parent name, parent email/phone number 
  • Plan your calendar for the tryouts: 
    • October 6th and 7th from 7:00-8:30 PM at the SOMS gym 
  • Make sure athletes have an updated sports physical completed and turned in to the office (Assistant AD Tami Day or to Coach Blackburn).  Sports physicals are good for 1 year.  Sports physical forms can be found at: 
    • This will be obtained and signed at the first tryout date. 


Athletic Announcement -

Although this fall sports season will not be quite the same as in the past, we are nevertheless excited to be at a juncture where we feel we can safely operate and manage competitions during a pandemic.  Thank you for your support and cooperation with the protocols and procedures that allow us to continue competition moving forward.  

If you are a parent of an athlete on our volleyball, football, cheer or dance team, your coach will be providing a link for you to order tickets a few days prior to the competition date.  You will not be able to enter a sporting venue unless you have pre-ordered your ticket to allow for a touchless transaction at our gate.  Tickets cost $5/ticket for 10 yrs.+, and you need to bring exact change with you.  At this time, we will only be accommodating 2 tickets/athlete in accordance with our district, campus and OCHD plan.  I will be certain to inform you if this attendance allowance is relaxed.  Thank you for your understanding and let's get ready to cheer our athletes as we embark upon the 2020 fall season for sports here at SOMS.  Go Dragons!       


Athletic Programs: Purchases and Donations

Parents, volunteers, and coaches:

In an effort to be transparent and clear about the process of purchasing or donating equipment, foods, awards, or any other sport related item (i.e., banners, trophies, etc.), I want to clarify the processes and procedures required by individuals with respect to these purchases.

If the intent of the purchase is for a personal reimbursement (where a coach or parent buys an item/s and then expects reimbursement by SOMS), the only way SOMS can provide a reimbursement to you personally is that you first have a signed and approved Purchase Order (PO) for the item/s that you buy.  POs are available from Tami Day, our school bookkeeper.  Without an approved PO, we will not be able to legally provide you a reimbursement.

If the purchase is requiring funds to be withdrawn from a team or athletic account, then the same procedure as outlined above must be followed.  The coach needs to submit a PO, which must be approved before the order can be made and payment be rendered to the business.

If the purchase is a donation, you do not need to follow the above procedure.  Rather, you can simply purchase the item and give it to the respective team/club along with notifying Tami Day in order for her to provide you with a Donation Acknowledgement Form (if it amounts to greater than $250) and/or a letter of acknowledgement (for your taxes) and our appreciation.

Our hope is that this will clarify processes and diminish any frustration or confusion regarding regulations for which SOMS is required to comply.  Undoubtedly, the partnership we experience from our faithful and supportive coaches, parents and volunteers is superior here at SOMS.  Your commitment to the welfare and success of our students, athletes, programs and staff is unquestionably fantastic.  We look forward to your continued support, and please let me know if you should have any questions.


Christopher J. Rairick, Ed.S

Associate Principal / Athletic Director

South Oldham Middle School


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