KUNA (KY United Nations Assembly)


Patrick Rohrer, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher   stephen.rohrer@oldham.kyschools.us

Christy Davis, 8th Grade Science Teacher   christy.davis@oldham.kyschools.us


KUNA is a three-day experience in diplomacy that provides students and adult leaders with a greater appreciation for our global community through hands-on involvement with international issues and solutions. The conference is geared toward developing students’ international consciousness through role-play as they represent one of the members of the United Nations.

Students will meet each Monday until 5:30pm.  The remainder of our Global Village and Placard work will be completed on two extended work days that we have put on the calendar. On these days we will stay until 7:30.  We will collect money from the kids and bring in pizza and drinks.  The work dates are February 8 and February 26. We will add another date if necessary.