Basketball - Boys

Last Updated: 6/7/2022 2:57 PM

8th Grade/Head Coach:
Jeff Bowen

7th Grade Coach:
Lucas Mattera

6th Grade Coach:
Open Position


Open Gym time and Tryouts are TBD

  • All players are required to sign up before attending any open gyms or tryouts.


  • A sports physical is required to attend any open gyms or tryouts.


Sign up here:


Updates can be found in our Facebook group.


Contact Coach Jeff Bowen for any questions.



Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How many teams are there?

      A. There are 3 separate teams: 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade.  They sometimes practice together, but usually separate. There are usually 3 games when we play: 6th grade starts at 5:30, 7th grade starts around 6:30, & 8th grade starts at around 7:30.  


2..   How often is practice?

      A.  We usually practice and play Monday-Thursday for an hour and a half.  Occasionally we will have a practice/game on a weekend, but not often.

3.    How much cost is associated with making the team?

      A.  The team fee is usually around $150 and due before fall break.  Optional spirit wear can be ordered through an online store before fall break also.

4.   What is expected of parents if my son makes the team?

      A.  Parents are expected to transport their kids to/from all practices and in county games in addition to driving players home from all out of county away games.  Parents are expected to volunteer for gate, clock, scorebook, or concessions a minimum of 6 times over the course of the season.

5.   How do tryouts work?

      A.  Each grade level tries out separately.  The 3 coaches are evaluators for all 3 teams.  At the first tryout all interested boys for each grade level are welcome to attend. Each boy is given a tryout number at check in.  About 2 hours after the last tryout a list of tryout numbers for each grade are posted outside of the door by the gym.  The players whose numbers are posted are invited back for the second tryout. We usually invite about 15-20 boys back for the 2nd tryout.  The boys keep the same tryout number. About an hour or two after the last tryout an email is sent out to the families of any boy trying out.  The final roster of tryout numbers for each grade level is included in this email. While all 3 coaches are part of the decision-making process, the grade level coach has the final say on their grade level roster and number of boys kept on the team.  We usually keep 11-13 boys per team.  This year tryouts are capped at 30 boys, so students will be required to sign up ahead of tryouts and will be assigned a time for their first tryout, assuming there are more than 30 signed up.  

6.   If my son doesn’t make the team what can we expect?

      A.  There is a 24-hour dead period after tryouts.  No contact with coaches is allowed due to the emotional nature of tryouts.  After the 24-hour dead period, Coach Mattera and Coach Bowen will be available to meet with any boy that did not make the team to get direct feedback on tryouts and discuss what skills need to be improved to make the team next year.

7.   Do all the players that made the team last year automatically make the team this year?

      A. No.  Players develop physically and skill wise at different times. We will choose the best players with regard to position for the teams regardless of past rosters.

8.   My son really wants to make the team.  What advice can you give them? 

      A.  The first 5-8 spots are easy to pick based on talent.  The last 4-7 spots often go to kids that show a tremendous amount of competitiveness and effort.  Players that dive on the floor, try to take charges, block out, talk on defense, and show toughness on defense are ones that stand out compared to their peers.  We have a lot of really “nice” kids tryout but being “nice” on the court doesn’t always lead to wins. We look for boys that work hard in the classroom and compete hard on the hardwood.

9. Who are the coaches?

The 6th grade is coached by Austin Moss.  It is Austin’s 1st year coaching the 6th grade boys.  Austin teaches 8th grade social studies and is the Enterprise team leader.  Austin has previously coached girls’ basketball, football, and soccer at SOMS. 


Lucas Mattera is the 7th grade coach.  This is Lucas' 6th year at SOMS. He coached middle school boys in Tampa before joining us at South.   Lucas played basketball and volleyball in Pennsylvania growing up. This will be his 6th year coaching at SOMS.


Jeff Bowen is the 8th grade coach and head coach at SOMS.  This is his 7th year teaching 6th grade science and first year as Discovery team leader.  Jeff has coached middle school basketball for over 20 years now with an additional 4 years of high school coaching as well.