Summer Reading



All returning students have heard a presentation by the SOHS librarians, the SOHS Literacy Coach and the  OC Public Library teen librarian about summer reading.

One of the most important reasons we read and study good books is to explore the human condition-- what it means to be an individual and how we express this in our interactions with others and the world. The themes that emerge from literature help us to explore these questions and experience the perspectives of others in order to find our own answers.   

As English instructors, our focus is on the mental processes readers use when they think about texts and how those texts apply to their lives.  These processes include analyzing the choices authors make, discussing texts and their value to the “real world,” and supporting ideas with appropriate evidence.  

Focusing on these skills, then, will set the stage for all the work we do in English classes during the academic year and will help us meet the standards established by the Commonwealth for college and career readiness.






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