Jane Smith, Interim Principal

4309 Brown Blvd. LaGrange, KY 40031

(502) 222-3700

(502) 222-6651


The Preschool staff would like to welcome your child and you to the Oldham County Preschool. Early Childhood Education is only successful when all adults involved with the child work together to establish a learning environment that supports the child and as a result meets identified needs.

The Preschool staff members are committed to working with you and together we will build one of the first levels of skill development for your child. The years in Preschool set the stage for all other school successes. It is vital that all of us focus on the growth and development of your child; we are ready and prepared to commit to that effort.


Our Mission:  The Oldham County Preschool ( a blended Head Start/Kentucky Preschool), is a family centered program that provides developmentally appropriate growth opportunities and support services to three and four year old children and their families to encourage long term success of the child and family.