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Happy New Year!  By this time, hopefully, everyone has settled back into the routine of things.  Holiday decorations are packed up and put away—okay well, maybe 85% of them have.  Our first snow day has come and gone.  Here’s hoping there aren’t too many more of those this winter.

These first two weeks back from school have been a time for us to revisit our routines and procedures—great practice to remind all of our expectations.  Classrooms have been full of inquiry, student discourse and engagement.  As I pop in and out of classrooms and sit down at the student tables to get an up close look and hear the conversation, I am reminded of the reason I love education and learning. 

Thank you for valuing education and our schoolhouse.  This is evident in your children as they come prepared and ready to learn each day.  Any time when the mundane tasks of running a school weigh on me and I begin to feel the burn, I head for a classroom.  The cure is real.  Your students are the heartbeat of our schoolhouse.  We love the middle schooler and these past two weeks as I buzz in and out of the classrooms, chat with students at lunch or in the hallways—I am ever so reminded as to why I love education--the students and being a learner.  Doesn’t get any better. 

The Nasty Bug

Unfortunately, we have been hit with the nasty stomach bug at NOMS.  We are working to keep our schoolhouse “bug” free.  Our diligent custodians are sanitizing the classroom tables and door handles regularly to combat this.  We are urging students to wash their hands, not share drinks and to cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing.  Sounds simple, but the little reminders help to curb the spread of viruses like this. 


Donations continue to trickle in to us and we thank you.  Should you wish to make a donation, please send it to the front office or have your student give it to their Compass teacher.  Your continued support is ever so important to us. 

Report Cards and Winter MAP Assessment

It is that time.  The 2nd nine weeks has come to an end.  Your student will be bringing home his/her report card today.  Please ask to see it.  As always, should you have any questions please contact the teachers.

This month is the window for Winter MAP testing.  Your student will be taking the reading and/or math portion of this assessment over the next few weeks.  This offering of MAP, is optional for the teachers to give, however, most are opting to give it.  Please encourage your Mustang to do his or her best as the results help teachers determine next steps in their instruction. 


If you have not already, you might wish to consider joining our PTSA and Booster Club organizations.  These two parent groups work persistently to see that our Mustangs have what is needed in order to be as successful as we can.  This work is valuable to our continued success and a few parents cannot do it alone.  WE need more folks to be a part.  Sound like something you would like to do?  There are many levels of participation.  If so, please contact Jill Turner, PTSA president, at or Jenna Timmering, Booster Club president, at  These ladies can get you connected in no time. 

When a Community Unites

As most of you are aware, an OC student from OCHS is making a miraculous recovery from a terrible accident.  Many of you have already contributed in many ways.  Here is yet another way to help the Ballinger family and show Tristan our support. 

It is Tristan Tuesday (Jan. 17) at all Gustavo’s Mexican Grill restaurants.  10% from all proceeds on this day will go to the family.  All you have to do is mention Tristan’s name or present the flyer (see daily announcemens for flyer).  Let’s show Tristan our support and take advantage of this opportunity to unite. 

Here’s to 2017!  I’m looking forward to experiencing with you the many great achievements NOMS and our Mustangs will reach.  

Always believing,

Carrie Pitsenberger



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