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August 24, 2015

Mustang Parents,

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!  What an exciting first three days we have had in our schoolhouse.  The positive energy among the students, teachers and staff is exciting in itself, but add the smiles, high fives, and engaging activities happening in the classrooms, and that equals a fantastic first week of school. 

North Oldham Middle School's vision has always conveyed and guided our direction. As with many things, our vision is not static. Much like True North, a constant direction that is taken, we have always felt that magnetic pull to move forward. We're a school in motion. This tug most significantly impacts our beliefs and defines our vision. It represents what we do and what we want to accomplish: INSPIRE, EMPOWER, UNITE; this is or vision.

At North, we're inspired. This internal compass is in search of better ways to reach others. It's the very inspiration in the deliberate design of classrooms to be responsive. We're intentional in these efforts by beginning our days building a community of learners that are made stronger and more confident. Learners come together for a common purpose in our morning meetings, where this arena of social, emotional, academic, and vocational learning becomes an integrated experience. We begin our days to move in that direction. It's in our class called "Compass" and meets every morning Monday through Thursday. 

Inspire—We value igniting a passion to positively impact our community.

At North, we're empowered. We are a staff of constant learners in the pursuit of academic excellence. Our staff of nationally board certified, highly qualified, ranked and endorsed educators has the highest level of academic expectation for our students. These high expectations, coupled with respect for the developmental needs of adolescent children, form the foundation for every choice we make in the classroom and school. A practiced method of delineating the achievement grade, which indicates understanding of subject material, from the process grade, which reflects the meaningful tasks that lead to that assessment, is the format for our grade reporting. There is a mutual level of dependence between teachers who serve as mentors, advisers, and advocates for our learners in their pursuit of mastering rigorous academic standards while still becoming a Mustang of character.


Empower—We value embracing opportunities to build confidence

and ownership through perseverance.

At North, we're united. We strive to become a microcosm of a community full of learning, in a circle of safety, who

when know more – do better, that is challenging for all. We make the most of our moments to know and learn about each other well. The action side of us revels in opportunities to practice what we preach. There is no let-up in our quest for research-proven best practices. Classrooms are formed for all to achieve their full potential. Individual Education Plans, Responses to Intervention, accelerated studies, GATES, 504, and ELL are instructional delivery plans that better help us address individual needs to move each one forward.

Unite—We value working together toward a shared purpose through trust and acceptance.

At North, we are not still. We are propelled by our beliefs. Our actions are many. Our words are few. It's what we set out to do! INSPIRE, EMPOWER, UNITE.


Daily Announcements will continue to be sent out via email daily.  We try to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on all that is happening at NOMS.  My goal is to have a monthly blog sharing the great work that happens within or schoolhouse.  This will be posted on the NOMS web page as well as pushed out in our email announcements to keep everyone informed.  Great things are happening and we want all to know.

Another way we will communicate with you is through our Infinite Campus Messaging System.  These messages will come through Infinite Campus in the way of a voicemail message, text message or email.  Our goal is to keep all informed the best we can.

New Faces

If you have been in our front office, I am sure you have met Mrs. Anne Brown, our secretary.  Anne joined our Mustang family this summer and we are thrilled to have her on board.  If you have not met Anne, when you do you will quickly see how amazing, helpful, and pleasant she is.  Please welcome our new Mustang teachers listed below. I am thrilled about the skill set and experiences this group brings to our schoolhouse.  The energy and level of commitment in preparing for the first week of school has been second to none. 

New Teachers and Staff:

Mrs. Kari Kittleson—6th grade Language Workshop

Mrs. Melanie Cadima—6th grade ECS Language Workshop

Ms. Sharon Jacobs—6th grade Math and Science

Ms. Andrea Rose—7th grade Science

Mr. Shaun McIntosh—7th grade Science

Mrs. Joelle Schlotter—7th grade Social Studies

Ms. Jillian England—7th grade ECS Language Workshop

Ms. Ana Barton—7th grade Math

Mrs. Elaine Dillard—8th grade Math

Ms. Stephanie Little—8th grade Math

Ms. Rachel Pardee—8th grade Science

Mrs. Kerri Hammons—8th grade Counselor

Mr. Ted Nathanson—Related Arts—Art

Mrs. Anne Brown--Secretary


This year, related arts classes will be yearlong classes.

Drop Off/Pick Up/Parking

Our goal with drop off and pick up is safety first.  Keeping vehicles off 1793 is paramount in keeping all folks safe.  Due to the location of our school, so close to the road, it is difficult to get folks in and out efficiently without the systems we have in place.  In order for this to work the best it can, we need to work together and abide by the below requests.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Please pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk when dropping off/picking up, as it is imperative we keep Hwy. 1793 free of stopped traffic—even in inclement weather, as we tend to have more traffic on poor weather days.
  • We are to have two lines for dropping off/picking up and will merge to one lane to drop off/pick up your child at the sidewalk. The third lane is for those wishing to park on the side lot. We must keep traffic off Hwy. 1793, so your cooperation to make two lines and alternate merging will certainly help this to occur.
  • Front parking is for faculty and staff only.  This is merely for safety so we don’t have students crossing traffic in the mornings or afternoons.  The side lot is for visitor parking.
  • We have a trained student crossing guard that will stop traffic to allow students to cross at the end of the sidewalk and meet you at your car (another reason to park on the side lot).  Or you can park in the side lot and walk to pick up your child.
  • Please do not ask your child to meet you at the bottom of the hill so you can avoid the line of cars.  This is dangerous, and we do not want to put anyone in harm’s way.
  • Please do not drop your child off at the bottom of the hill and have them walk up through the front parking lot as this, too, is dangerous, and we don’t want anyone getting injured. 

We capped off he first week with our annual PTSA Mustang dance.  There were neon lights, glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets galore!  Our Mustangs rocked it out for 2 hours straight.  Thanks to Danielle Hardy, the many parent volunteers, and our PTSA for all the preparation and planning that took place for such a successful event to happen. 

This  week we have home field hockey and volleyball games.  Would love to see you come out and support our Mustangs!


Carrie Pitsenberger




Inspire * Empower * Unite


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