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April 2017

Mustang Parents,

Welcome back from spring break!  I hope everyone was able to enjoy some down time with your child(ren) this past week and find your crew rested and ready to finish the last leg of this school year strong.

Important Dates

April 18—5th Grade Day at NOMS

April 21 – “North’s Got Talent”, 6:00 PM in the auditorium

May 5 – No School

May 8-12 – Teacher Appreciation Week

May 11—6th Grade Parent Night (incoming parents) 6:30 PM in auditorium

May 17-23—KPREP Testing window

May 31—Belle of Louisville for 8th graders

June 1—8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 9:45 AM

July 27—Registration Day 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

August 16 – 1st Day of School


What’s Going On?

Social Studies--Pitsenberger, Carrie

.6th--Europe and Russia (focused on argumentative writing and analyzing data to support arguments)

7th--Ancient Rome (focused on the foundation of Western civilizations and connecting the ancient world to the modern world)

8th--Westward Expansion (how America grew and debating the idea of Manifest Destiny and was it justified when compared to the reality of historical events)

Language Workshop—

6th—completed collaborative multimedia presentations of a controversial topic which were chosen from a menu based on their interests. Multimedia presentations have included exciting technologies at ThingLinks, S’mores, Powtoons, and many more. Next, students will be writing an argumentative essay using evidence from a variety of sources to support their thesis and claim.

7th—is finishing up the literary analysis essay analyzing how a character’s choices reveal a theme.  Next we are conducting research to argue and answer the essential question, “Is Nelson Mandela a good leader?”  Students will be creating a multimedia collaborative project that displays students’ to the essential question.

8th—just completed reading the Holocaust memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel.  Students are now reading a second Holocaust book, from a choice of five books, ranging from non-fiction to historical fiction.  We will soon begin to work on how we can impact our society in a positive way through asking questions, finding evidence and creating claims.


6th—is currently focused on Earth’s history.  Students have been learning how landforms are created through specific process and are continually changing, just very slowly!  They have also learned Geologic Time and how life has changed over millions of years. They will be completing a project “I Feel the Earth Move…” covering their understanding of earthquakes and volcanoes.

7th—Our local firefighters joined us to share how infrared cameras to support our new learning through thermal energy and waves unit.  We will be exploring our forces and motion unit where we take a look at electric, magnetic, and gravitational forces. 

8th—have begun the reproduction and heredity unit and are learning how traits are passed from parents to offspring.   Students will focus on how traits can be predicted for offspring using Punnett squares and from opinions on various forms of genetic engineering.  Students are also collecting data and crafting proposals to elicit change in waste of energy, food, and other resources at NOMS.  These proposals will be presented in May!


6thWe are finishing our unit on solving equations and will be moving into our last unit on geometry.  In this unit, students will get to create “cities” based on the geometric principles learned.

7thWe are learning about geometry and utilizing technology through Khan Academy.  We are determining what each student needs and helping them to increase their level of understanding by making it more individualized.

8thMost are studying the foundations of algebra which will really help them be prepared and ready as they transition to high school.  Geometry students are studying solids and will continue to be challenged.

Interesting Article/video

I came across this over break and thought I would share.  Hopefully, you find it helpful—especially this time of year.  Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to work with your Mustang!

Finishing Strong

With only 7 weeks left to this school year, there still is a lot to be accomplished.  We will be encouraging students to keep up the pace and focus as they finish out the school year.  Teachers will be revisiting goals set by your Mustang(s) as we prepare to take our final MAP assessment this week and gear up for our state assessment—KPREP towards mid to the end of May.  We certainly know that our Mustangs demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways with KPREP being one of them.  I will be speaking to all Mustangs in the coming weeks supporting the notion—if your name is attached to it, then always do your best. 

Thank you for your continued support of your Mustang(s) as they prepare for this last leg of the 16-17 school race.  Your encouragement for them to do their best is appreciated and ensuring that they are present each and every day does not go unnoticed.  Thank you. 

Please take a moment to let your child(ren) know how proud you are of their hard work and growth that has occurred this year.  Continue to help refocus your Mustang(s) as the warmer weather will remind us summertime is near.  Help your Mustang(s) to finish strong and know we are here to support as well.

Teacher Appreciation Week

The week of May 8th NOMS will be celebrating our incredible teachers.  This might be a wonderful time for your to send a positive note, or provide a special treat for your Mustang(s) teachers.  The demands on our teachers are huge and our crew works above and beyond to ensure that all of our Mustangs are learning at high levels.  While I tell them all the time what great strides they are making, it would mean the world if you and even your Mustang(s) would let the teachers know how they are appreciated. Thanks in advance for considering showing your appreciation. 

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Athletics Notice

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Students competing on these teams are participating through a non-school sanctioned club sports program.

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