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 April 24,2015


I have received several requests for students to obtain work or take assessments early due to the fact your child won’t be present for a large portion of the last week of school (June 8-12, 2015). After careful consideration, I wanted to share how we will process the requests at NOMS.

The only absences that I will likely excuse are those that I consider to be a uniquely educational enhancement opportunity. These opportunities are generally academically-based studies that accelerate learning. If an opportunity is presented that you believe falls into this category, please complete the EHO form that can be found by contacting Mrs. Traci Lancaster, attendance clerk at NOMS. Once completed, please turn back into the front office for my review. If it is excused, your child’s teachers will be notified of the EHO approval and assignment/assessments will be allowed to be completed early. It is mandatory for the student to coordinate with his or her teachers the dates and times of these early assignments/assessments.

I will not grant exceptions for students due to vacations. These absences will be considered unexcused and students will not be allowed to complete their work early. Students will be expected to take assessments and/or complete projects as due dates are set by teachers. Report cards will be mailed home after last day of school.

Based on the handful of requests thus far, I know that some of you will have conflicts with scheduled vacations. I want to remind you that this year’s school calendar was released over a year ago and on it was listed all the possible make-up days. We nearly used all our snow make-up days last year as well.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

I appreciate your understanding.


Carrie Pitsenberger



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