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AP Physics C: Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism Print E-mail

AP Physics B is a college level, algebra-based course providing an introduction to the main principles of physics and emphasizing the development of problem solving ability. The course will cover Newtonian and fluid mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics, and thermal, atomic and nuclear physics. AP Physics is generally open to juniors and seniors who have completed one year of physics. Knowledge of algebra and basic trigonometry is required for this course.


  •  Physics
  • Algebra II
RECOMMENDED FOR: 11th or 12th Graders
REQUIRED FORMS:  AP Physics B Application and Teacher Recommendation Form


TEACHER:  Pete Williams

Mr. Williams is in his 15th year of teaching and has 6 years of AP Statistics, 3 years of AP Physics B (algebra based), 2 years of AP Calculus AB, and 2 years of AP Physics C teaching experience in the classroom.  As a former electrical engineer in the Air Force, Mr. Williams incorporates actual statistical research, engineering projects, and physics' experiences into his classes.  Mr. Williams is the recipient of the 2008 - 09 Siemens Award for Kentucky Advanced Placement teachers honoring his and his students' work in AP Statistics.  In the summer 2010, he led an AP Statistics class for new AP Statistics' teachers sponsored by the AP Institute at the University of Louisville.  Mr. Williams believes that a healthy student environment involves rigorous academics that promote student mastery of the content balanced by light-hearted humor.  His AP Physics B students' pass rate is 96% (23/24) with a 4.02 average (out of 5).