Social Studies

blue dot Our Story - The Smithsonian Museum of American History
  Link   BrainPop Civil War
  Link   Kids Guide to the Civil War - Thinkquest
  Link   Civil War
  Link   Civil War for Kids
  Link   The Civil War for Fifth Graders
  Link   The Constitution for Kids
  Link   Shay's Rebellion and the Making of a Nation
  Link   The American Revolution (History for Kids)
  Link   History of Jamestown
link  Facts About the 13 Colonies
link  Mr. Nussbaum's 13 Colonies Profiles
  Link   13 Colonies Clickable Map
  Link   Slavery - BrainPop video
  Link   Slavery in the U.S. - eNotes
  Link   History of Slavery in the U.S.
Photo gallery, information and links to other sites.
  Link   Slavery and the Making of America
  Link   Slavery in the United States - Spartacus
  Link   Slavery in America - UEN
Fantastic overview and links to many other good sites.
  Link   Famous Explorers
  Link   Explorers of the Millennium
  Link   Digital Vaults - The National Archives Experience
View primary source material related to history. Great for students and teachers!
  Link   Digital History
  Link   Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out
  Link   History for Kids
  Link   Congress for Kids
  Link   Time for Kids
link  Mr. Nussbaum's Explorer Resources
link  Explorers for Kids
  Link   Enchanted Learning - Explorers
  Link   The Mariners' Museum - Explorers
  Link   America's Story from America's Library
This site combines kid-friendly graphics with the incomparagle American historical collections of the Library of Congress in more than 4,500 stories about our nation's past.
  Link   Ben's Guide - U.S. Government for Kids
  Link   The Democracy Project
link  Transportation Changes: America on the Move
link  Changes in Transportation
link  Timeline of Transportation Inventions
link  Timeline of Communication Inventions
link  Timeline of Education Changes
link  Timeline: Moments that Changed Public Education
link  Historical Timeline of Public Education in the US
link  Technology Timeline
link  Information Age Timeline
link  Changes in the Television Over Time
link  Jobs Over Time
link  Why Do Jobs Change Over Time?
link  Interactive Economic Timeline of the US

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