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3rd Grade Wax Museum

          DSC 0152  DSC 0168

                                                                         Walt Disney                                                Paul McCartney

3rd Grade students just completed a unit in English Language Arts which culminated with a biography about a famous person of note known for their innovation.  To celebrate their writing piece and creatively share their finding after extensive research and biographical writing, each student participated in a Wax Museum presentation where each student dressed as their famous individual and then shared to parents and staff.   

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                                                                  Sacagawea                                                  Albert Einstein

DSC 0171  DSC 0169

                                                                  Amelia Earhart                                          Anne Frank

DSC 0154   DSC 0158

                                                                   Michelle Kwan                                           Cleopatra

DSC 0163  DSC 0155

                                                     Mary Cassatt                                  Althea Gibson

DSC 0157  DSC 0162

                                                      Benjamin Franklin                                      King Tut



The 100th Day of School

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Students at Camden Station Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school today! Kindergarten students celebrated by playing the math game, Race to 100, writing about what it would be like to be 100 years old and sorting, organizing and noticing patterns among 100 items brought from home.  Our students are 100 days smarter!  

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