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Mrs. Allison Noe, Special Education teacher Completes Literacy Lessons Training

Mrs. Allison Noe was presented with her certificate for Literacy Lessons training today at a ceremony conducted at the Kavanaugh Center. Mrs. Noe has been meeting with a group of educators every Wednesday evening since August. During her trainings, she has been learning a vast array of literacy teaching strategies. She then uses those strategies with students in her classroom. Congratulations to Allison Noe for successfully completing this rigorous training!




Camden Station Torch Award Winner: Mrs. Amy Jasinski


Camden Station would like to recognize this year's Torch Award winner, Mrs. Amy Jasinski.  Mrs. Jasinski spends many hours at Camden ensuring that all teachers have the materials they need.  She regularly spends her time each week and copies, collates, prepares and sequences materials to ensure that our kids have the materials they need to promote learning.  While many of the tasks can be repetitive and monotonous, she completes all tasks willingly with a smile.  We are appreciative for all the time and energy that Mrs. Jasinski brings to her volunteer work.  Thank you!


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