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Camden Station's Soaring Eagle: Pat Maurer, Daycare Director

"This week's Soaring Eagle is our daycare director, Pat Maurer with Eagles' Nest. She takes such wonderful care of the children and parents. She is both loving and fair. It is wonderful to know our children are being taken care of so well after school and in the summer time." 


Camden Station Career Fair!

Recently, students in 3rd-5th grades learned about a wide variety of careers from guest speakers throughout our community. Students selected interesting careers in a wide range of professions including the police force, cosmetology, nursing, dentistry/orthodontristy, construction, accounting, FBI and ROTC.  Speakers also discussed the importance of skills like math, reading, and writing in their jobs.  Thanks to all of our volunteers who took time out of their busy days to help our students learn about future careers! Thanks also to Mrs. Shopp and Mrs. Ford for coordinating the event. 

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