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Thank you to our drivers!

This week is School Bus Safety/Driver Appreciation Week, and we sure love our drivers! Read the comments below about our drivers! Thank you for all you do to get our students to and from school safely every day.


I was thrilled to see Robin Yale driving my kids’ bus. (#1306)  Sweet, friendly and always smiling...I'm glad she is the first face of CSE they see in the morning!”


“Ms. B is our driver for #0802 is very organized with her bus rules, and as a parent I love that. She always has the entire bus sing happy birthday if a child has a birthday. Just something to make them feel special! “

“You are so sweet and fun and really celebrate my boys. Thank you! Thank you for keeping them safe and watching over them. They are blessed to have you in their lives... and so am I! Have a wonderful week, Ms. B! Thanks for all you do!”


“Thank you to bus driver of 1014! Our students have always said how nice she is and as a parent I truly appreciate her driving my kids to and from!”

Our bus driver, Ms. Kim, bus # 1014 is wonderful! She is always on time, she stops right at our drive way and she is always there in the morning with a friendly wave as I send my student off to school. I truly appreciate her hard work and especially the fact that she has to be up so early!! I'm sure it can be a hard job sometimes but please let her know that our family truly appreciates her and everything she does to get all the kids to school safely each morning.”

“Our students think Mr. Bill (Bus 1016) is the nicest bus driver ever and he has a very important job!”

“Mr. Bill is GREAT!  He's very considerate of my son and where he picks him up and drops him off. Our location is typically our neighbor’s house but that can be a little distance to walk in the dark and with the dew, snow, etc. Mr. Bill is always very considerate and if it's too dark or bad weather, he'll also stop right next door at our house so that our son does not have to worry about safety in getting to the bus. He's great. Tell him thanks! No more lost umbrellas, soaking wet shoes, or scared 1st graders because of the pitch black mornings.”


“Mr. Bill on bus number 1016 is the best bus driver my son and daughter have ever had. He is very kind, always has a smile, and truly cares about the children.  He is always on time and includes a friendly wave for the parents. Hailey also loves when he tells her jokes.”


“We really appreciate Mr. Bill driving bus # 1016!  He always greets us with a friendly wave and smile each morning and there is something to be said for that. And many thanks for getting the kids to and from school in a safe and timely manner!”


“I just wanted to say thank you (Bus 1112) for always being safe and caring for the kids. From the first day of school, he teaches the kids where to line up, and how to back away from the curb. I have also seen him driving around town, and he always checks and double checks before pulling out on the Hwy. I have driven professionally for a long time, knowing my kids are safe means so much. Thank you!”

“He (Driver for 1112) always greats our son by name with a good morning as soon as he gets on the bus. Thanks!”




Fitness Fridays are BACK!

With the arrival of the new school year, so to is the arrival of the coveted FITNESS FRIDAY!  On Fridays during their related arts time, students in all grades participate in interdisciplinary movement activities that strive to get kids moving an extra 45 minutes a week. Students rotate in centers throughout the gym exploring various physical fitness activities.

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