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2014 Walk-A-Thon

2014-10-08 10.26.15

The 2014 Walk-A-Thon was a huge success! Students spent a portion of their morning running or walking to raise money for Camden Station.  They were eager and enthusiastic as they exercised in the sunshine and raised money for our PTA and school.  Thank you to all who donated to support our Eagles! The money raised goes towards the purchase of new computers, computer applications, and many new supplies and resources.

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The Box Tops Contest was a great success!  

We collected 10,228 box tops and earned $1,022.80 for our school!  Thanks for sending in your box tops and supporting Camden.  The contest was too close to call so we have 2 class winners.  Mrs. Moberly's class collected 1,164 box tops and Mrs. Beall's class collected 1,108!  Both Mrs. Moberly and Mrs. Beall's classes will have their choice of a popcorn party or extra recess.  Remember, we collect box tops all year, so keep sending them in!




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