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Let It Snow!

The 4th and 5th graders of Camden Station have been working hard to prepare for their Winter Musical, Let It Snow!  This seasonal musical featured songs about cultural the winter season.  The students all actively participated by singing, dancing and acting as they moved to the lively music.  The crowd eagerly enjoyed each song and dance.  As always, this was a presentation not to be forgotten!


CSES Student Reporters

A group of 5th graders recently became student reporters, publishing articles about happenings around our school.  To learn more about after school clubs, activities, and student perspectives, read on!



A Highlight on Mrs. Hull, Music Teacher
By Violet Kennedy, Student Reporter

            Musicals, afterschool clubs, opera singer, and an elementary school music teacher! What can’t Mrs. Hull do? Not only is Mrs. Hull Camden Station’s energetic music teacher, but she is also a knitting machine, an organ player, a professional opera singer, and an owner of 2 dogs! Mrs. Hull is not your average music teacher. She organizes musicals for every grade and has done several after school clubs including Smashing Eagles, Oldham Octopi, and Chorus! Mrs. Hull is Camden Station’s music teacher.

Her favorite thing about her job are the children she teaches. She sings and dances with the children while teaching them all at once! Believe it or not, Mrs. Hull started liking music when she was three! Her mom told her she could sing the whole entire West Side Story soundtrack when she was three. When Mrs. Hull was in first grade she started organ lessons.

One thing Mrs. Hull struggles with is trying to spend time with her family and doing her job at the same time. Some things Mrs. Hull does that is not related to music is knitting and watching sports with her husband, two boys, and two dogs.

Mrs. Hull seems like an awesome music teacher. Right? Let’s see what one of Camden stations students think. One of the things one of our students like about Mrs. Hull is “She’s a really good singer and she’s really nice.” This student’s favorite part of music class is “playing instruments and learning how to play them.”

            Now that you’ve heard all these awesome things about Mrs. Hull, one thing is for sure: Mrs. Hull is an amazing music teacher and a terrific person!



Chorus: An Afterschool Club
By Carly Graves, Student Reporter

Chorus has changed this year and it is better than ever! There are 55 students in chorus, the most ever! Mrs. Hull says that she loves that the kids are so involved and eager to practice. Kids learn how to perform in a music theater production. Students mostly concentrate on stage presence and creating choreography, costumes, and friendship. Chorus has been going on for 26 years but this is the first time that it has had the theater aspect!

All the kids learn a song and perform it on their own! The whole chorus will then sing a song together. This year the song that chorus is singing is “I won’t grow up” from the movie “Peter Pan.” All the students learn a song from a musical and perform it on their own!

Violet Kennedy, 5th grader, said that she loved chorus and that she is glad that we can be in groups. She says, “My favorite part is the theater aspect!” Chorus is a great after-school activity.



Mrs. Hull has fun teaching                     Mrs. Hull can also be serious.

students of all ages.



A Highlight on Mrs. Goodrich, School Counselor
By Vivian Westbrook, Student Reporter

            As most of you know, we have a new counselor, Mrs. Goodrich. I have decided to write an article about her to help Camden get to know her.

            Mrs. Goodrich has been a counselor since 2005, and worked at a middle school in Baltimore County before moving to Louisville and coming to Camden. She is very impressed with Camden so far, “The students are so kind and respectful and show a true enthusiasm for learning,” she said. The hardest part of being a counselor is seeing kids go through difficult situations and not always knowing how to fix it.

            Our new school counselor actually used to be a waitress at Olive Garden, a human resource coordinator at a major hotel, and an executive assistant at a private equity company.

            Here are some opinions from students that I interviewed “Mrs. Goodrich is really nice, really sweet, she’s got a really good personality,” said Morgan Schock, a student in fifth grade. Grace Roberts, another fifth grader answered, “She is really nice, and I think she took the transition to our school really well. I also think it’s really good that we have a new counselor, and we all have different opinions.”





Climbing Club, An Afterschool Activity

By Rachel Partington, Student Reporter

“WOW! I can see the whole gym room from up here,” a Climbing Club student yelled from the top of Camden Station’s rock wall. Climbing Club is an after school club that teaches Camden Station students how to be safe, increase trust in one another, and learn more about teamwork. Not only are these things that help you later in life but thing that help you physically! You gain more arm and leg strength. It also works your mind. You have to think: how am I going to reach that next rock? In Climbing Club, you also build perseverance in yourself when you climb. You have to say, “even though I am tired, I will get to the next rock!” Mrs. Schomburg teaches Climbing Club. Mrs. Hull helps to monitor Climbing Club. Climbing Club is very popular at Camden Station. Mrs. Schomburg says, “Climbing Club offers a unique opportunity that is different from many extracurricular offered outside of school.” Carly Graves, a student from Climbing Club, was asked this question; “why do you do Climbing Club?” She said, “because Climbing Club is active and I like being active.” Climbing Club is something that is very fun if you stay safe. It is also one of the safest things we do in the gym if you follow the rules! Climbing Cub is a great after school activity for students that teaches them about safety and teamwork.




First Grade Visits The Zoo!

By Sophie Gnadinger, Student Reporter

Elephants, sea lions, frogs- and first graders? You could find all that at the zoo on November 11th, when the first grade took a field trip to the zoo. They went on this trip to see real animals and their functions and structures. The organizer of the trip, first grade teacher Mrs. Moberly, said, “I do think the students will enjoy the field trip. I believe the more authentic the experience is the more engaged the students are with what they are learning and the more fun it will be.” One first grade student, Landyn Brock, said of the trip, “I thought it was fun. Because I got to see a lot of other animals I hadn’t seen before.” One thing’s for sure; this field trip was both a lot of fun and a great learning experience!






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