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3rd Grade Wax Museum

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Neil Armstrong  


3rd Grade students just completed a unit in English Language Arts which culminated with a biography about a famous person of note known for their innovation.  To celebrate their writing piece and creatively share their finding after extensive research and biographical writing, each student participated in a Wax Museum presentation where each student dressed as their famous individual and then shared to parents and staff.   


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Neil Armstrong                                                                              Walt Disney

 IMG 0580

                                         Marie Curie    Milton Hershey

IMG 0589

The Beatles

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                                     Susan B. Anthony                                                                        Benjamin Franklin

IMG 0602  IMG 0605

                                  Barack Obama                                                                                Benjamin Franklin

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                                 Leondardo Da Vinci                                                                                     Helen Keller 




Author Visit to Camden!

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Two of our very own Camden parents stopped by today to share their experiences with the students about being an author and illustrator. Judy Mosley recently published her first book titled "Lots of People Wear Glasses" with the help of her husband, and illustrator, Donovan Mosley. "Lots of People Wear Glasses" is a true story about Judy's daughter, Katie, and her journey into her new identity with glasses. This story helps children to see that everyone has struggles and can overcome them. Please stop by Mrs. Mosley's booth next month at the Camden Craft Fair to pick up a copy of her new book!






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