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The Box Tops Contest was a great success!  

We collected 10,228 box tops and earned $1,022.80 for our school!  Thanks for sending in your box tops and supporting Camden.  The contest was too close to call so we have 2 class winners.  Mrs. Moberly's class collected 1,164 box tops and Mrs. Beall's class collected 1,108!  Both Mrs. Moberly and Mrs. Beall's classes will have their choice of a popcorn party or extra recess.  Remember, we collect box tops all year, so keep sending them in!




Scavenger Hunt and Natural Science Night

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On Friday, September 26th, the Camden Station PTA hosted a Nature Scavenger Hunt and Science Night!  We had more than 250 people in attendance to come explore nature and science with us.  There were many things to see and do at this event starting with a nature scavenger hunt where students were prompted to locate items found around the school grounds.  Families could also visit various stations to explore science content further.  Stations included leaf/flower prints on muslin, mashmallow popper math, life cycle of a plant, sink or float?, painting with natural objects, creating pet rocks and the KMAC Mobile MakeShop.  There were also various food trucks present for families to make a night of it!  We had such a fun time learning and exploring!DSC 0001-001  DSC 0029-001  DSC 0028-001


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