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Teachers Recognized During Teacher Appreciation Week

Chic-Fil-A Springhurst helped us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this week by recognizing some of the special teachers in our school! Parents nominated teachers who they felt provided an exceptional opportunity for their student! Teachers were honored with special recognition (and gift cards!) for their hard work and dedication!

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Mrs. Amy Beall, 1st Grade Teacher

“My 7 year old loves Mrs. Beall. She is both firm and loving with her class. My daughter wrote on her birthday card ‘I wish I could stay in 1st grade forever so I will always have you.’ As a parent, I couldn't ask for more!


Mrs. Allen, 4th Grade Teacher
“My 10 year old loves school and that is because her teacher is so awesome! Mrs. Allen holds her kids responsible and helps them reach their goals on a daily basis. She believes in her kids and makes each child feel special.

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Mrs. Candy Tackett, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Rhonda Sweasy, Kindergarten Assistant
“My 6 year old thinks these two great ladies hang the moon and I agree! From teaching kids how to fill someone's bucket to greeting them with a huge smile every morning, it is no wonder my daughter wants to go to school even when she is sick. These ladies command respect and do a great job of laying down a solid foundation for the rest of elementary school.

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Ms. Sarah Harlan, 5th Grade Teacher

“This wonderful teacher has been amazing with my daughter. She has helped grow confidence with math and test taking. Every day she has a smile for her students and makes learning enjoyable for her class. Ms. Harlan is an awesome part of our 5th grade team!

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GATES Magazine

The GATES 4th graders recently published their very first magazine.  You can find the magazine HERE to read about many intriguing topics ranging from Gabby Douglas to Poverty.  


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