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Red Ribbon Week 

This week, students and staff participated in Red Ribbon week where they focused on the positive and healthy choices they make in their lives, particularly without drugs and alcohol.  Our school counselor, Mrs. Ford taught many lessons about the consequences of misusing tobacco, alcohol and drugs and how it affects the body. Students at Camden Station are celebrating their healthy choices and promising to stay away from drugs and alcohol during this year’s Red Ribbon Week!


Wear Red: Kick off to Red Ribbon Week!



Cowboy/Cowgirl Up Against Drugs!

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DSC 0186-001

DSC 0195-001 DSC 0194-001

DSC 0208-001

DSC 0209-001  DSC 0203-001

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Don't Get Mixed Up in Drugs (Mismatched Clothes Day!)


DSC 0215 

DSC 0214 DSC 0212DSC 0219

DSC 0213  DSC 0216

DSC 0217 

Lei Off Drugs- Hawaiian Day (Hawaiian Clothes Day)
DSC 0224 DSC 0233

DSC 0236 DSC 0232

DSC 0228 DSC 0230

 DSC 0226 DSC 0223

DSC 0221 DSC 0225

I Have the Power to Make Healthy Choices (Superhero Day)


McTeacher Night

IMG 1518-001

This week, many of our staff and families came out to the Crestwood McDonalds where a portion of the proceeds went back to Camden Station!  Students enjoyed games, face painting, balloons, yummy food and good company.  Thanks to all who came out to support our Eagles! We're McLovin' It!

Picture1-001  IMG 1535-001

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IMG 1521-001  IMG 1520-001




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