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Camden's Soaring Eagles 2015-2016!

Do you know a Camden staff member who consistently goes above and beyond for your student?
We want your input as to who is going out of their way to provide exceptional opportunities for your child! It could be office staff, bus drivers, custodial staff or instructional staff. Provide details about one of “Camden’s Soaring Eagles” and we will share it with everyone! Email your thoughts to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mrs. Katie Holmes, 2nd Grade Teacher


"Even as a new teacher, Ms. Holmes exuded the knowledge and intuition of a "seasoned" teacher.  Her communication with our child, our family and the other classroom families was way above anything we had experienced before.  At times, we would receive an email or phone call many hours after the school day was over.  Her dedication was evident to us.

She was always quick to remedy issues and also work together to figure out how our child would be successful.  We love that Ms. Holmes was open to our ideas and thoughts.  Our student struggled in 2nd grade at times, but also developed new passions and interests thanks to Ms. Holmes. We trusted Ms. Holmes with our child.  As parents, we are our child's biggest advocates.  We felt like we had an extra encourager in our corner with Ms. Holmes.  We can only wish Ms. Holmes the best on her teaching journey.  Her hard work, caring spirit and passion for teaching will surely carry her far. We're blessed to have had such a great influence in our child's life."

Mrs. Jenn Hollis, Kindergarten Teacher


“I really cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Mrs. Hollis this year! She has been such a blessing to our family, but most importantly to our student! She has worked tirelessly to personalize his learning, spending countless hours on the phone and emailing with me to tweak things and implement new strategies. I really do not know what I would have done without her this year. She has a true heart for teaching and for each and every student! In everything she does, you can tell that she cares! My only complaint is that I can't take her to 1st grade! Thank you for recognizing her! I wish that every student had the opportunity to have a teacher like her!” 

Mrs. Ford, School Counselor

IMG 1198

"I would like to nominate Ms. Brittany Ford.  There have been several situations that have occurred for our child where he either needed someone to talk to or where he needed someone to step in and help with a situation. Every time I have reached out to Ms. Ford, she has gone above and beyond to rectify the situation or to make time to listen to our child.  She always communicates back to us on what happened or how the situation was going to be handled and I appreciate that so much.  We love Camden Station and their wonderful teachers and administrative staff help to create an environment that is safe, fun and loving in addition to the excellent education our child receives.
Thank you Ms. Ford!"

Mrs. Ford, School Counselor
IMG 1198

"I would like to acknowledge Mrs. Ford for her excellent work with my son. She goes above and beyond to make sure that he is on track, safe, and always performing at his best. She made sure he was placed with a teacher that would ensure that he is always reaching his full potential not only as a student but as a leader and a person. Mrs. Ford not only makes sure that my son is doing well, she has also reached out to me to make sure my family is doing good too and always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. A few months ago, I was rushed to the hospital while picking up my youngest daughter, and when Mrs. Ford found out about it she called me to make sure I was OK and she brought pizza and drinks to us for dinner to help relieve some stress from me! In my opinion, Mrs. Ford exemplifies the TRUE meaning of not only what a counselor is, but a true and honest person and friend. She's amazingly awesome!  My family and I are truly thankful and grateful for Mrs. Ford."

Ms. Sanders, Kindergarten Teacher

"I want to acknowledge Ms. Sanders for her amazing efforts in the Kindergarten classroom. She has a classroom that is so warm and inviting. Students know they are loved and honored and the result is hard work. She is passionate and committed to teaching and learning. Even after 34 years of well etablished and strongly founded practices, it is obvious that she is still learning and refining her instruction for her students. Ms. Sanders recognizes the needs and strengths of each of her students. And she communicates so clearly and regularly with her families to partner together for the kids. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Ms. Charlene, Office Manager

Charlene 1

"We would like to recognize our office manager, Ms. Charlene Jennings! She is so easy to work with and she's such a tremendous help. I know that if I need anything, Ms. Charlene will make me feel confident that everything will get taken care of and I don't have to worry. She is one of the hardest workers we have ever met! Thank you Ms. Charlene for your dedication to Camden!"


Teachers Recognized During Teacher Appreciation Week

Chic-Fil-A Springhurst helped us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this week by recognizing some of the special teachers in our school! Parents nominated teachers who they felt provided an exceptional opportunity for their student! Teachers were honored with special recognition (and gift cards!) for their hard work and dedication!

IMG 2769  IMG 2770
Mrs. Amy Beall, 1st Grade Teacher

“My 7 year old loves Mrs. Beall. She is both firm and loving with her class. My daughter wrote on her birthday card ‘I wish I could stay in 1st grade forever so I will always have you.’ As a parent, I couldn't ask for more!


Mrs. Allen, 4th Grade Teacher
“My 10 year old loves school and that is because her teacher is so awesome! Mrs. Allen holds her kids responsible and helps them reach their goals on a daily basis. She believes in her kids and makes each child feel special.

 IMG 2771  IMG 2772

Mrs. Candy Tackett, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Rhonda Sweasy, Kindergarten Assistant
“My 6 year old thinks these two great ladies hang the moon and I agree! From teaching kids how to fill someone's bucket to greeting them with a huge smile every morning, it is no wonder my daughter wants to go to school even when she is sick. These ladies command respect and do a great job of laying down a solid foundation for the rest of elementary school.

 IMG 2768

Ms. Sarah Harlan, 5th Grade Teacher

“This wonderful teacher has been amazing with my daughter. She has helped grow confidence with math and test taking. Every day she has a smile for her students and makes learning enjoyable for her class. Ms. Harlan is an awesome part of our 5th grade team!

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