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It’s Okay to Be Different!

This week, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Jeff., with the Children's Alopecia Project come speak with our students about accepting others who are different. Thank you to Mr. Jeff for sharing his positive message!


Camden’s Family Math Night


Last week, Camden Station hosted a Family Math Night and it was hugely successful.  During this event, parents played a range of developmentally appropriate math games with their child in grade-level classrooms. Families enjoyed an engaging and positive learning time in which they worked collaboratively to gain tools to build number sense, fact fluency and positive outlooks on math!  We had 120 students in attendance! A huge thank you to the families that were able to attend!  It was a great event filled with learning and fun for mathematicians of all ages.  To see pictures of the event, see the link below. We also want to thank Mrs. Larkin, math coach for coordinating the event, the staff and student teachers who hosted the stations and Camden's PTO for making this event a success!














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