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Featured Event: 3D Printing Club!

This year, we introduced 3-D Printing as a new after-school club to Camden! This is the first 3-D printing opportunity made available at the elementary level in Oldham County. We have spent the past 2 years researching different 3-D printers, creative and innovative uses for 3-D printing, and how 3-D printing can be used effectively at the elementary level. 

As part of 3-D printing club, students explore the design process, in which they identify problems, brainstorm and design solutions to those problems, test and continually edit their designs based upon the results of each test as well as input from community members who might use their prototype.  

Students have created prototypes to solve a variety of problems they perceive in their school and home communities. Among the prototypes students have designed are a door-stopper designed to grip classroom door jams, a cup holder designed to minimize spills and control condensation, a stabilizer for an iPod power adapter, a game designed to help early readers learn word families, a combination fork and spoon utensil, a travel case specifically designed to hold a hearing aid, a “problem helper” bracelet, a game that astronauts could play in limited gravity, and an airplane seat designed to assist in passenger survival in the event of an accident.

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Shawna Allen, 4th Grade Teacher is named Teacher of the Year!

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Camden Station wants to recognize 4th grade teacher, Shawna Allen as this year’s Teacher of the Year!  Mrs. Allen works tirelessly every day because she wants to give each and every one of her students the best.  She is dedicated not only to her craft, but to every single child that walks through her door. She sees them all as individuals and goes above and beyond to meet each and every one of their needs. She is a data queen and is a model of how to know exactly where her students are succeeding and struggling. Beyond that though, she builds relationships with her students who admire her for loving them and pushing them towards their potential. Congratulations to Mrs. Allen on this well-deserved award!


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