Dear Parents,

         The storms that we encountered on Friday, March 2, 2012 could be an indication of what is in store for our region and county this spring. The Oldham County Schools will take every precaution possible to keep our students safe during severe weather events.

         We have been reluctant to dismiss students early from school due to our past experiences in which many parents were not able to get home to be with their children. Looking back at this past Friday, it seems that an early release around noon could have been a good option, but we were concerned that students would be stranded without adult supervision. When we face severe weather situations in the future, it will be very important for families to make arrangements for their children in the event that an early dismissal is determined to be our safest option. When an early release is the decision, we will communicate with parents through the local television and radio stations and through our phone messaging system. In addition, we will maintain an ongoing update on our district web page.

         On a severe weather day during which we have determined that keeping students at school is our safest option, students may be held at school past the regular dismissal time. Parents are welcome to pick up their children from school and absences will be excused. We will work closely with our local weather service and take the course of action that is safest for everyone.




Mr. Paul Upchurch, Superintendent