Camden's Soaring Eagles 2016-2017!

Do you know a Camden staff member who has gone above and beyond for your student? We want your input as to who is going out of their way to provide exceptional opportunities for your child! It could be office staff, bus drivers, custodial staff or instructional staff. Provide details about one of “Camden’s Soaring Eagles” and we will share it with everyone! Email your thoughts to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mr. Bill, Bus Driver, Bus 1016

Mr Bill

 “I'd like to nominate Mr. Bill, my children's bus driver, for recognition as a Soaring Eagle.  I know managing kids on a bus can be challenging, but he always has a smile on his face. I know he has gone out of his way to help children. Mr. Bill greets my children by name and wishes them a good day or weekend when dropping them off.  If the children have a little present or something to say to him, he takes that extra moment to acknowledge them and show genuine interest.  I am thankful he is the bus driver for my children and part of the Camden team!”

Mrs. Jennifer Hollis, 1st Grade Teacher


"I want to recognize Mrs. Jenn Hollis as a Camden Station Soaring Eagle for her dedication to her students and their growth. First grade has proven to be the year of the mathematician and the writer under Mrs. Hollis’ direction! I am AMAZED at the developments my child has made—writing volumes of quality work and in naming multiple strategies for solving. Mrs. Hollis has helped my student to value learning, kindness and student ownership, all with positive words and a warm smile. She beautifully balances firm accountability and authentic, caring relationships. And she continually keeps us up-to-speed with frequent and timely communication. Thank you Mrs. Hollis for all your time and efforts put forth to help our student grow! You are truly appreciated!"

Mrs. Katie Holmes, 4th Grade Teacher

"Please honor Mrs. Katie Holmes for as a Camden Station Soaring Eagle!  She is definitely worthy of receiving it.  She goes above and beyond daily with our child that is in her class.  She takes time for him and as we can tell every other student in her class individually to make sure they are engaged in what they are learning at all times.  Her communication is over the top.  We see multiple items added per week through Seesaw.  They include detailed examples of what the kids are working on in class and usually very specific to our child so we can see what he is working on everyday throughout the week.  She sends little notes home to keep us in the loop.  She does a weekly newsletter.  She keeps a few of the kids in the classroom to help her if they are not leaving right after school ends.  This helps our child connect with the teacher, fellow classmates and the classroom environment.  However, most importantly is the tremendous learning we have seen our child take on and the responsibility of holding himself accoutable with the work: getting to homework right away, getting things done ahead of schedule, joining a challenging reading club in school to challenge himself more as a reader.  She is pushing him to learn and do more than anyother teacher he has ever had.  We have seen our child develop and mature more under her instruction this year then all the years' past.  We are honored that our child is in Mrs. Holmes 4th Grade class this year."

Kelly Kahmann, Art Teacher


"I would like to nominate Kelly Kahmann as a "soaring eagle."  She takes time to really get to know her students.  She tapped artistic potential in my son that I never knew existed.  She noticed his knack for and interest in photography and has gone out of her way to help him develop his skills in this area.  Our son has never shown much interest in anything other than sports, until now!  Mrs. Kahmann accepted his photography into the Camden art show last year.  Then, she nominated him for the Louisville Children's Visual Arts Program.  He is enjoying those classes every Monday after school and is learning so much!  He also participates in the photography club with her after school on Thursdays and is LOVING it.  She pushes him to learn more and her communication with parents is exceptional.  Mrs. Kahmann is a prime example of why we chose to move into Oldham County School District.  We're so happy our son has had this phenomenal elementary art experience and owe it all to Mrs. Kahmann!"

 Rhonda Sweasy, Kindergarten Assistant

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rhonda Sweasy. She meets the kids every morning with a smile and a hug. Her positive, loving attitude is contagious. I can't describe the comfort I feel knowing my child goes to such an amazing school with an amazing person like Ms. Sweasy. She was so great in class last year. This year she continues to pour into my child even though she is in another class. She makes the kids feel comfortable and loved within those walls. The world needs more Ms. Sweasys (and her hugs.) I'm so glad she is at Camden Station with us."



Dana Nichter, Kindergarten Assistant


"I wanted to tell you about what a great person Dana Nichter is.  She goes above and beyond every day. She will stay as long as needed, including helping perform other duties such as cafeteria assistance. This past week, she noticed that we were short staffed in the cafe and she stayed until we no longer needed help.  I also see how she's always friendly and patient with our friends and other staff. I just wanted to recommend her for the Soaring Eagle Award because of how hard she works!"

        Judy Sanders, Kindergarten Teacher 

Mrs. Sanders has gone above and beyond to make sure our kindergartner has a seamless transition to school.  She is incredibly kind, caring, and very patient.  She is the epitome of a soaring eagle and we are excited for what this year might bring, because of her!


3rd Grade Wax Museum

3rd Grade students just completed a unit in English Language Arts which culminated with a biography about a famous person of note known for their innovation.  To celebrate their writing piece and creatively share their finding after extensive research and biographical writing, each student participated in a Wax Museum presentation where each student dressed as their famous individual and then shared to parents and staff.


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