Santa, You've Got Mail!

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The 4th and 5th graders of Camden Station have been working hard to prepare for their Winter Musical, Santa, You've Got Mail.  This seasonal musical featured songs about cultural holidays across the globe.  The students all actively participated by singing, dancing and acting as they moved to the lively music.  The crowd eagerly enjoyed each song and dance.  As always, this was a presentation not to be forgotten!

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 Camden's Soaring Eagles!

Do you know a Camden staff member who consistently goes above and beyond for your student?

We want your input as to who is going out of their way to provide exceptional opportunities for your child! It could be office staff, bus drivers, custodial staff or instructional staff. Provide details about one of “Camden’s Soaring Eagles” and we will share it with everyone! Email your thoughts to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Mrs. Allen, 4th Grade
"I am thankful to have a teacher like Mrs. Allen because she makes all things fun. I also like how she is very comforting when I need her the most. She always makes me smile. I always love her stories. She is always the teacher I want and need. I know something for sure, she is as sweet as can be for me. She makes school like home."
Mrs. Moosbrugger, 2nd Grade 
“Mrs. Moosbrugger always goes above and beyond for her students. She is very patient and kind in every interaction with the children. She goes out of her way to make each child feel special in her classroom. During our parent conference we were concerned about our son’s speech and how it affects him in the classroom. Mrs. M assured us that she will go to great lengths to make sure he gets the help he needs. Her thoughtfulness and dedication to  our son spoke volumes. We are very lucky that Camden Station provides such wonderful and gifted teachers. Thanks Mrs. Moosbrugger for going the extra mile to boost our child’s confidence both in and out of school.”



Ms. Davidson, Speech Pathologist


"As part of her speech evaluation, Ms. Davidson tested and retested our son's hearing.  She even went back to his records a year ago.  She double checked with the school nurse on her findings.  Because of Ms. Davidson, our son was tested by an ENT.  The doctor recommended hearing aids for both ears.  Without Ms. Davidson, who knows if he would have ever been diagnosed... his education can only improve from here...."

Ms. Pfeifer, 5th Grade
"Ms. Pfeifer has encouraged and pushed our son so much this school year.  She keeps him interested and excited about school.  She also answers emails at all hours of the evening! What a dedicated educator!"

Ms. Hull, Music Teacher


"After a school day in which they had the chance to go to music, my children are always excited to tell me about it!  Ms. Hull has inspired a love for music in my children.  They enjoy her sense of humor and the positive environment she has created in her classroom.  She recognizes the individual strengths of each student and shows them that she cares.  They are learning so much from her and enjoying it in the process!"

Ms. Bean, 3rd Grade
"Ms. Bean is such a dedicated teacher. She seems to seek out innovative ways to teach our children. I appreciate the many different teaching strategies she uses to get her students excited about learning.  My child has been very eager to learn this year thanks to Ms. Bean.  She has created a classroom environment where students feel comfortable working together as they learn and treat each other with respect.  We are so happy she came to Camden!"
Ms. Tackett, Kindergarten
"Ms. Tackett has a gift for making children feel special and loved, even after they graduate from her classroom!  Her classroom is one in which students feel safe and eager to learn.  She teaches kids to be good listeners and respectful students.  Ms. Tackett recognizes the needs and strengths of each of her students.  Our family has been so blessed to have her as a teacher!"
Ms. Charlene, Office Manager

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We would like to recognize our office manager, Charlene Jennings! She is by far one of the hardest workers we have ever met! She truly has a passion for her students/staff! She is always so welcoming and greets those around her with a smile! We believe everyone can learn something from "Mrs. Charlene!"



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