Buckner Alternative High SchoolBuckner Alternative High School was established in August 28, 1995.  From its humble beginnings, BAHS has embraced a different approach from most alternative schools.  A student focused philosophy based on relationships and mutual respect has produced over 400 graduates in eighteen years.  The success of Buckner Alternative is a combination of community and district level support, selective staffing, and a culture of, “No Excuses, Find a Way!”

BAHS is several schools within a school, serving some of Oldham County’s most challenging and needy students.  On average the school serves between 90 and 125 students every day, including full and part time kids. 

The Intensive Program 
The original program on which BAHS was created is open to students in middle or high school who are unable (for whatever reason) to be successful in a traditional school setting.  This program specializes in meeting the individual needs of the individual student.  Whether regular or special programming is required, these multi-age, self contained classrooms are available for as long as the student requires it.

Credit Recovery  
Credit Recovery logged on in the fall of 2006.  This on-line based computer lab serves 50 plus students each day.  Students in this program range in age from 16 to 21, are seriously behind in credits and are at high risk of dropping out. All three high schools offer similar programs sharing the identical software (PLATO) however some students feel more comfortable working away from their home schools.  Part time, CO-OP, young mothers and kids who have aged out have the opportunity to  work at an accelerated pace on their schedule to earn a diploma.

Our Transition room is designed to provide students with drug, alcohol, and violent behavior violations an opportunity to return to school insuring physical and emotional safety while maintaining their academic progress.  Based on the nature and frequency of the violation and recommendations from assessments, the length of the stay in transition will vary.  The average student spends less than 10 school days in Transition. 

OCATS (Oldham County Alternative to Suspension)
The OCATS program was created to help recover the attendance lost to suspension and combat the issues that arise when suspended students are left at home unsupervised.  OCATS is available to all middle and high school administrators as an alternative to suspension, having the student out of school, but supervised by certified staff.  Academics, attendance, and transportation are all services offered as part of OCATS.

Renaissance is the newest addition to BAHS.  Four years ago the number of suspensions for use, possession, sales, and distribution of drugs and alcohol increased dramatically.  Renaissance is our response to that increase.  The program has multiple facets which allow for full time placement at BAHS, insures a formal assessment by a mental health professional, implementation of any recommended therapy and ongoing monitoring and follow up.  Students are assigned to Renaissance following consultation with their home school, mental health provider, juvenile court, and central office.

BAHS continues to stretch itself to fit the constantly changing needs of our community.  Our district student population has more than doubled in the last decade.  The diversity and density of our local towns and neighborhoods seem to realign overnight.  In 19 years Buckner Alternative has never looked the same in consecutive years.  We strive to do what’s best for kids, in a safe, nurturing environment making no excuses and always finding a way.