Arts Academy  
   The Oldham County Schools Arts Center's Arts Academy provides tuition based
community classes and lessons in music, art, dance, and theatre.
Open to all children and adults in Oldham and surrounding Kentucky and Indiana counties.
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Private Lessons
  • Music
  • Dance
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Oldham County Schools Arts Center
Registration Forms and Policies

 Clicking this link will open our new site for registering for classes:

NEW Online Class Registration Site 

Select one of the categories below to view the available classes by category:

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All of the  following forms will need to be completed with your signature and turned into the Arts Center's office prior to the first lesson or class.
Please print and sign the registration form and either fax it or mail it to the Arts Center along with your payment or deposit.

Phone: 502-241-6018
Fax: 502-241-4068
Mail: Oldham County Schools Arts Center, 7105 Floydsburg Road, Crestwood, KY 40014

Private Lessons Classes  
Printable Registration Form Printable Registration Form  
Private Lesson Registration Instructions    
Private Lesson Payment and Cancellation Policy