Oldham County Schools
2015 High School Graduation Dates

Buckner Alternative High School

Friday, June 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M.
Oldham County Arts Center

South Oldham High School 

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 11:00 A.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena 

Oldham County High School

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 2:30 P.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena

North Oldham High School

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 6:00 P.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena

Project Graduation 2015 (for ALL Graduating Seniors)
DATE: Saturday, June 13 2015    |     LOCATION: SOHS

Buckner Campus Collaboration
A unique collaboration is taking place between Buckner Elementary and the other schools on campus. Each week, groups of students from Oldham County High School, Oldham County Middle School and the Arvin Education Center come to Buckner to assist with different tasks.
Students from OCHS lend a hand with kindergarten and PE classes. Young adults from the Arvin Education center help make copies and sort and deliver mail to the classrooms. Every Friday, OCMS 8th graders help 3rd graders with a project called “Question Quest”. “It’s a time in the day where all the 3rd graders get to choose something they like to learn about, research it, then the 8th graders come over to just kind of help us,” says 3rd grade teacher Kevin Puckett. "Sometimes the things are had to learn about, it’s too in depth for my kids to understand it, so the 8th graders are there to help them and support them understanding it.” 
“I like that we get to do our project with the 8th graders and we don’t have to do it all by ourselves,” says 3rd grader Haley Klein. “They help us research and if you don’t know a word, they’ll help you with it."
Puckett says it’s a win-win for both the 3rd graders and the 8th graders. “8th graders enjoy it as well because they like to help, so they’re getting that feeling of helping, but they’re learning right along with my kids. I’m introducing technology to both of them, so they may not know some of these apps that we’re using or the technology, so they’re learning too."

Dant, Davis welcomed to principal posts

Buckner and Kenwood Station Elementary Schools have announced new principals — please join us in welcoming Liz Dant and Eric Davis to their new roles!

Dant, a current OCS staff member, will assume the post at Buckner, while Davis comes to Kenwood Station from New Castle Elementary.

Dant began her teaching career at Buckner Elementary in 1999. Over the years, she has been a teacher, assistant principal, literacy coach and intervention coach at Buckner. She’s also served as a literacy coach, intervention coach and ARC Chair (special education) at other elementary schools in our district.

“Students spend a lot of time at the school and it should be a place that they enjoy coming, all while having academic success,” Dant said.

Building teacher capacity will also be a priority for Dant. “An excellent teacher gets better results,” she said. “When students know someone cares, they are willing to work much harder.” As a young teacher herself, Dant recalls being given countless opportunities to grow as a leader at Buckner. She said she looks forward to offering current Buckner staff those same opportunities.

Dant is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Indiana University Southeast. She is an alumna of Assumption High School in Louisville.

Davis, a 2004 graduate of SOHS, returns to our district to lead KSE. Davis previously taught at East Oldham Middle and returns to the district from New Castle Elementary school in Henry County, where he has been principal for the past two years. While there, he led implementation of the Leader in Me initiative, which has been a cornerstone of KSE for several years.

“I want my students to be engaged in activities that are easily tied to their lives outside the school building,” Davis said. “Education is so much more than simply learning the core content."

Davis said students need to be able to think and solve problems, work with their peers, and present in front of their community. “Students are integral part in their own learning,” he said. “I want them to experience learning — not simply muddle through it."

Prior to that, Davis was an education recovery specialist in mathematics for the Kentucky Department of Education, aiding schools in Trimble County. Since beginning his teaching career in 2008, he has also served as an assistant principal at Spencer County Middle School, a math teacher for Spencer County Middle and High schools and as a math teacher at East Oldham Middle.

Davis completed his undergraduate degree at Georgetown College then attained a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bellarmine University and his principal certification from the University of the Cumberlands.

“Educating a child is not a science, but an art,” Davis said. “The target is always moving and therefore, we must always be moving too."

NOHS Engineering Class builds high-tech equipment using 3-D printed parts
It has taken months of study, research, and trial and error, but students in the Engineering Concepts class at North Oldham High School have built a high-tech speaker system from the ground up. The speakers have crossover features and the work is similar to what would be done in a 3rd year college level electrical engineering course, according to teacher Peter Williams. “The product is wonderful. It has a great sound. It’s sturdy, it’s smart, it’s well thought out. They understand what they are doing. It’s very high level.”
Another student, Mark Scherer, is working on a water propelled drone glider and is almost ready to test it.  “You release it and it launches up to about 200 feet and it glides with wings I attached to it. It glides up to a half mile if everything goes right.”
Parts for both projects were printed on 3-D printers at both U of L and Camden Station Elementary. NOHS senior Yoni Smolyar says the collaboration with U of L was critical to building the speakers. “We had to outsource a 3-D printer, so what we did was we contacted the University of Louisville. They allowed us to print a 3-D printed driver. It was a huge help because without that, I don’t know how we could have done that by hand.”
Williams says he is proud of the students for taking the initiative and seeing the projects all the way through. “It shows what students can do when they have the passion about something and the freedom to do it.”


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